Friday, June 29, 2007

Seven Things Week 47

Wow, only FIVE weeks left of the Seven things project!!
This week is from the kitchen mostly again.
* 20 pieces of silverware
* safety latches
* cupboard safety latches
* butterfly suncatcher
* hummingbird sun catcher
* sun sun catcher
* hummingbird window hanging
These are all going to charity.
Any ideas of what to do with my blog after the project is over?? I'm not a super writer either. I am open to ideas! :)

Friday, June 22, 2007

Seven Things Week 46

Kitchen again this week.
*dutch oven
*cake pan
*2 fry pans, one cast iron
*2 rubbermaid containers
These are all going to my daughter.
We also had another curbside recycling item, an oldish filing cabinet. YAY.

Friday, June 15, 2007

Seven Things Week 45

From my kitchen again.
*salt and pepper shakers
*microwave bacon cooker
*napkin holder ( it is clear, the pillbox is on top of it)
*parmeseancheese holder
*birthday candles with ballerina holders

Friday, June 08, 2007

One week ago today............

Last week at this time we put our 13 yr old Bordie collie to sleep. She started getting ill and seemed to go downhill very quickly. I picked her out from a newborn pup out on a sheep farm near us. She had plenty of room to run in our yard and she was a very good pet.
That's her in the pic--Maddie, and the little Jack Russell is Otis, one of my other baby's!! They were good freinds and I think Otis and the other 2 dogs miss her.

Seven Things Week 44

This week is linens and towels
*4 white fitted sheets
*3 kitchen towels

We also had 2 items for curbside recycling! This works so well for us since we are on a busy road. You might recall the childrens toys/swing that we curbsided and got rid of!
So, we put an office chair and a shelving unit out there and they were taken to a new home!
The last room in our house to be re-done was the "office" space that is really a pantry type area. We re-carpeted, painted and got new shelving and cabinets for storage.