Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Divine intervention

I recently celebrated my 13th wedding anniversary.
The reason this entry has the title it does is because that's how I feel about meeting my husband. I know it was all God's hand in our meeting.
We actually met in October of 1993. We had both signed up to take country dance lessons at a bar. I signed up with a single friend. The night of our first lesson, me and my friend received phone calls that we were cancelled out of that class since there were not enough men to even out the class.
So, we got first place on the list for the next class starting in October.
We started our class and my husband was there too. And he was a great dancer, knew how to lead, and was quick to learn the steps. There were couples in the class and they didn't have to change partners. The single people did have to change partners, and I chose to dance with my future husband as often as I could. Not all men can lead or dance well.
So as the classes went by, there was a small group of us that would go dancing after class. We all got to know each other. At this point my future husband asked my friend out! She declined.
Classes ended around New Years. My husband called me on New Years day and asked me if I wanted to start the next class together and I said yes.
We started the class and then started dating and about 3 months later he proposed to me and we were married 4 months after that!!
If our first class hadn't been cancelled, I never would have met him!!
Divine intervention indeed and everyday I am thankful for my husband.
The Lord is good and He knew what our futures held.

Saturday, September 08, 2007

More about baby blankets.....

I love to make baby blankets and send them to new mama's. For no other reason that it brings me joy.
I also make memorial blankets for mama's. Little blankets I send so they have a memorial blanket for their lost baby. It's sad and though I like to crochet, this is one of my least favorite projects to crochet. It's so sad when I hear of a mommy that has lost her baby. I just hope and pray that these little blankets bring some amount of comfort to the grieving mama.
Today I heard about one of those mama's. She is having another baby! I am going to send her a blanket I am working on right now for her baby due in October. This mama is bringing her memorial blanket to the hospital when she delivers her son so that her lost daughter can be remembered too. Though it is sad--it is a happy time too...