Friday, November 24, 2006

My Aunt...........

Today is my Aunts birthday. Except she died in May of 2004. She is the aunt that took care of my Grandma. (see August 15 post)
We were very close all throughout my life. We had a lot in common too. Crocheting was one of our common interests and she is the aunt who got me started on making my own wood crochet hooks. We passed books back and forth too.
Ever since Grandma moved out to be with my aunt, I would fly out to visit them every 3 months. I would stay for 6 days. We always had fun and I got to see my Grandma too.
Then in April of 2003 my aunt broke her knee and I drove out with my two puppies and stayed a month to take care of Grandma and my Aunt.
I am greatful for that month.
The last time I saw my aunt and grandma I flew out when I was 18 weeks pregnant with my son. I had a good visit not knowing it would be the last time I ever saw my aunt.
I miss her everyday. Everyday I think about her. Wishing she were here again, knowing it's not possible. I just still feel an empty spot in my life without my aunt.
I wonder if it will ever go away???
I have some stuff from my aunt that I brought home when I stayed the month. These are items I don't need, they are more knicknack type things. But with the Seven things project, I am finding them hard to let go.
Maybe one day I can...................

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Seven Things Week 16

I'm early this week. My seven things this week come from the closet again!
* 3 sweatshirts
* 3 denim shirts
* 1 pair jean capris
* 1 pair white shorts
* 1 pink/white stripped shirt
* 1 gray sports bra
* 1 navy blue with flowers skirt

These are all things I haven't worn in ages and that don't fit me anymore. Again--it's time to find a new home for them all. And I am glad to be rid of them.

Friday, November 17, 2006

Seven Things Week 15

Nothing too exciting this week.
*Analon Pots and pans.
*2 fry pans
*3 pots
*3 covers
These were husbands pots when we got married and we used them for a while along with my Revereware. We bought new pots and pans about a year ago and we found these when we were cleaning out the garage.
So off they go to a new home.

Saturday, November 11, 2006

Happy Veterans Day!

Today is Veterans Day. I am thankful to the men and women who serve and have served in the armed forces.
I am former Army and my Husband is former Navy. He is a vet of the first Gulf war. Our experiences were vastly different serving for many reasons. He went to the Naval Academy and I was enlisted. He served longer than me. He is a Veteran of a war, I am not. He was Navy, I was Army. It makes for an interesting day when Army and Navy play their annual football game!
So, thankyou Veterans.

Friday, November 10, 2006

Seven Things Week 14

This weeks seven is from the bins in the shed that I recently went through!
* TWELVE pair of jeans.
These are jeans of all sizes. Skinny jeans and not so skinny jeans that I know I will never wear again--ever.
As it is each week, I am glad to get these out of my house so that maybe someone else can get some use out of them now.
I have also been thinking about my new clothes purchases. I need absolutely nothing and I won't need any new clothes for quite a while. I have several pair of jeans and some dress pants and plenty of sweaters and blouses. And I won't even get started on shoes, I am so embarrased. I am trying not to buy anymore new things now. And for a while to come. I need nothing as far as the house is concerned either. No new dishes, towels, furnishings, candles, knickknacks, rugs, sheets, BOOKS, clothes, toys, paper, pens, music, etc. I need nothing new to add to my house or self. Yes, it is possible to have too much, way too much.
I need absolutely nothing...............

Monday, November 06, 2006

Reddy Kilowatt is back!!

Well, I received my November bill for my Electricity.
WOW!! It is 1010---down from 1210 of last month. I know part of that is still the airconditioner usage. But I have been making an effort to not consume so much. I wonder if it's really helping??
It will be interesting to track this for a year.

Saturday, November 04, 2006

Curbside Recycling!! Another bonus.

I love that we can put usable stuff out by the end of our driveway! Today we did some more yard cleaning and I went through more bins.
Husband put these three toys out there and within one hour someone came to the door and asked about them. They have a day care and these items would be perfect for that they said!! Yay. I said take them please! And the family did.
I like the feeling of giving someone else a chance to use my sons outgrown toys.

Friday, November 03, 2006

Seven Things Week 13.

The Hip Hammock. What can I say about it. I didn't use it much but I really liked it and I am finding it difficult to give it up. I wonder if that is because I have to face the fact that my little boy is growing up? He is no longer that little baby who depended on me for everything. I am sad about this item leaving my house.
The rest of the stuff going is clothes. Nothing exciting at all. Nothing I want to keep anymore and glad it can maybe be useful to someone else. Plus it means I have another empty bin!!
* My Hip Hammock.
* 8 sweatshirts.
* 4 pair of sweatpants.
* Red Wind breaker.
* Green winter jacket.
* Blue fall jacket. This one is hard to give up too. It is from my Aunt but it is just too big for me.
That's it for this week. I am happy to see the clothing go to someone else who can use it and then I have more space in my house!

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Doe a deer, a female deer.

This morning I woke up a few minutes before my son did. One of the dogs started barking very loudly. Not her normal "there's the neighbors dog" type of bark. It was light enough out that I could see this huge Doe in the yard, just outside the fence. It was beautiful and I quickly tried to take a picture but the deer moved too fast to snap one.
We used to get a lot of deer in the yard before we got all the dogs and fenced in a lot of the yard. They used to sleep in the pines out back and sometimes eat the apples off our trees.
We see a lot of wildlife around here and it's pretty cool. Several times I have seen wild turkeys. Of course we have the usual animals as well. Racoons, fox (that eat hapless chickens)and a ton of birds, lots of rabbits and squirrels.
I am thankful I live where I live.