Monday, December 31, 2007

From Charles Spurgeon

"He who grows in grace remembers that he is but dust, and he therefore does not expect his fellow Christians to be anything more. He overlooks ten thousand of their faults, because he knows his God overlooks twenty thousand in his own case. He does not expect perfection in the creature, and, therefore, he is not disappointed when he does not find it."

Happy New Year!!!

Another year gone by. I don't have "resolutions" so much as things I want to accomplish in the new year.
One thing I would like to do is read more. That's a big one for me this coming year.
I hope you all have a great year to come.

Thursday, December 27, 2007

End of the year thoughts............

2007 is almost done. it's been a pretty good year for me and my family. My daughter is in a good apartment and went to school to become a CNA with her sites on a nursing degree. She really loves being a CNA.
My boy is growing and doing new things everyday.
My husband has had some challenges with his job but he is overcoming them.
My brothers and their families are doing well too.
My mom is doing well, though she is approaching 80 years old. I go over to her house every 2 weeks to clean her house and some days when I go over we go through pictures to identify my relatives.
I have become interested in tracing my family and have 5 generations so far. With pictures!! I have an online friend helping me too--she is very knowledgable about searching for relatives.
We bought a treadmill this year. Last year it was an elliptical which I love, but I want the treadmill so I can train for running! So I have the requisite New years resolution to exercise more!! And with that of course is losing weight.
I also plan on reading more this year. It has taken a backseat with me because of my eyesite, but I now have some good reading glasses.
Also on the list is more crocheting for Charities. I have less "friends" to crochet baby blankets for now and I would like to step up my Charity donations.
The one sad thing this year is the betrayal of friends from my online community that I have been part of for years. I've learned that a person can never know the full story on anything unless all parties involved are sharing their "side" of the story.
I had one friend in particular that I trusted with some very private information and she felt the need to share that information with others, that resulted in some hurtful things being said. Some of it was gossip I admit. My tongue got the better of me. There is no excuse. I guess it just proves that you cannot trust everybody, even those you thought you could. So, I have virtually lost a ton of friends that I shared my life with through this incident. It just saddens me. Part of the issue I believe is that with communication through the computer, that the nuances, tone etc is NOT communicated and can lead to misunderstandings.
We also took a trip to Annapolis this fall for my husbands college reunion at the Naval Academy. I met up with some women from the above mentioned online community and it was a wonderful time of chatting and meeting in person.
I am looking forward to 2008 and the rewards and challenges it may bring. I wish you all well in the New Year!!

Monday, December 17, 2007


I made these sweaters plus one more, it's a green color. I have been wanting to make sweaters to send to a charity for 10 yrs and I have finally done it.
The four sweaters are going to Guideposts sweaters for orphans. Scroll down to the info about sweaters!

Friday, December 14, 2007

Two Years!!

It has been two years since I quit smoking! I quit cold turkey because I was just tired of smoking.
It's been good too. I have been exercising and I am working on starting to run!! I can finally breathe and it feels great. I don't wheeze anymore, or smell, or have to go outside in the cold anymore to smoke!!
It's been good!

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Treadmills and Ellipticals

Last December I talked dh into getting me an Elliptical machine to exercise on at home. He was leary, with good reason. Years ago I asked for a treadmill and it became a clothes hanger. We donated it to a couple at church and that was that.
Well, I quit smoking and I wanted to exercise and I wanted to be able to do it at home since the boy is so little yet.
So I got the elliptical and I LOVE it. I used it every other day from January of this year til May when it was nice enough to exercise outside. Then dh and the little guy and I went bike riding. I think my husband was pleasantly surprised that I actually used the thing too.
Now I wanted a Treadmill because I get bored on the Elliptical and need a little variety. So my sweetie got me a treadmill!! It was delivered on Wednesday and I am liking it. Has lots of cool functions and a variety of workout levels.
My ultimate goal is to be able to do my C25K training this winter so that in the spring when the weather is nice, I can run outside.
And it wouldn't hurt to get back into shape and lose some weight!!

Saturday, November 24, 2007

November 24, 2007.........

It's November 24th again. That means it's my Aunts Birthday again.
Except she isn't here to celebrate anymore. It's been 3 and 1/2 yrs since she died now and I still miss her daily.
I wonder if it will be any easier as the yrs go by? It's still hard and I still miss her.
I went to visit my cousin in October. My Aunts daughter. How silly of me but I drove by the house I used to visit and stay at when I visited with her. I didn't really cry then, but when my cousin asked if I had driven by the house, that is when I started crying!!
It has to get easier doesn't it?

Veterans Day.

Seems I missed it in my blog this year.
I am a veteran. I did not serve during a war. But I am still a veteran. It took me a long time to accept that. But as my dh says, "you signed up and served and were ready to serve during a war". And he's right. I am a veteran.
My husband is a veteran too. He served during war time.
My brother is a veteran too. He served during VietNam.
My brother in law is a vet too. So was my FIL, he served during Korea.
My Dad served during World War 2.
My cousin Lisa is a vet too. So was her brother Billy.
My other cousin Steve is a vet too. So is his brother, my other cousin Billy.
All branches of the Armed forces are represented in our families except the Marine Corps. with the Army overwhelmingly represented. (GO ARMY!!)
I am thankful to all the service men and women that have served and our serving today. It means my freedom, and for that, I am thankful.

Friday, November 23, 2007


I hosted this year. I live in a small house and have 4 brothers and their families.
One brother and his family couldn't make it so there were only 18 of us this year. My mom and Mother in law were here too.
I was a bit apprehensive about the whole dinner but much to my amazement we had a wonderful time.
Each family brought the designated food items and Dh smoked two turkeys. We had plenty of food and there were plenty of leftovers for people to take home too.
It was a very enjoyable day.
Today I am thankful for my family. And remembering the family members that are no longer with us.
We did not go shopping today. Neither of us are shoppers.
I cleaned my mom's house today and actually dh and ds went to a couple of stores.
Dh also got a new laptop computer from Best buy. But he was in and out in 15 minutes!!! That's how we shop, we are very efficient!!


In the past couple of weeks I have come across some great yarn bargains.
Actually, my husband found the first huge bargain.
Our local pharmacy--gift shop type store was selling most of their yarn stock at half price!! We bought 65 skeins that day. It will make some nice blankets.
Then Joann's had a great coupon sale. I bought 42 more skeins and used coupons worth 20 dollars off. It was a great deal and it was fun to pick out that yarn.

Friday, November 09, 2007

Crochet and Charity

A whole new world has opened up to me since I found my crochet message board!
I have made so many new afghans and learned so many new stitches too. There is a section on the board for Charity projects too. There is always a charity to give to, or someone needing squares for a comfortghan.
One of the first projects I donated to was sadly, the Virginia Tech killings. I made 33 granny squares for the project.
You can read more about it here, just scroll down a bit:

There are other organizations too. One I have been crocheting for, for many years is Project Linus. This is a great organization.

I also just sent to Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota.

It's so easy to crochet granny squares with left over yarn. And it doesn't take long and it's a nice break from afghans.
There is an organization providing blankets for the victims of the San Diego fires. I am making squares to contribute to that.

My motivation for all the charity work?? I am home. I don't do much in the evenings and it brings me great joy to create something and know that it may bring some comfort to someone in need. :) Plus I just like to crochet!!

Friday, October 26, 2007

Vacations, Visiting and reunions

We recently went to my husbands 20 year reunion at the Naval Academy. We had a good time. The weather was good too and my hubby saw people he hadn't seen in years. Plus there is reasonably good seafood out there. LOL. We also went to the football game and that was fun.
My little guy had fun at the hotels with swimming. And everytime there was a knock on a door, he would say "come in"!!!! I had to explain to him that it wasn't always our door.
I also have relatives still out there and we went to visit my cousin. It was sort of hard because it's where I used to visit my aunt and grandma every three months for 4 years. It was hard to stay in a hotel when I had always stayed with my aunt. My cousin offered to let us stay there but with the little guy I declined.
Then we were driving to the airport and there was so much that had changed in the 3 years since I had been there last. It was a tough drive.
I enjoyed visiting with my cousin though. We went through family pictures and I was able to take some home with me. The memories the pictures brought back--that is a happy memory.
My cousin told me I don't laugh as much as I used to. I think I do and I asked my husband and he confirmed that I still laugh!! I told my cousin that my aunt dying had sucked some of the joy out of my life. Because it did. I just miss her so very much still, almost four years later.

Friday, October 12, 2007

Seven Things again.........

This is a bag of winter gloves and hats. There are about 6 pair of gloves and 3 hats, and a headband.
I don't need them any more since I have plenty of gloves so they will go to family services. That means I have more room in the front hall bench. I also have another bag full of onlies. I'm not sure of what to do with those?
Do you have any suggestions?

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

A Bible Study...

I am doing a bible study on the Lies Women believe.
Here is a list of the lies, and the TRUTH.

Lies Women Believe
by Nancy Leigh DeMoss
THE LIE: God is not really good.
God is good, and everything He does is good. God never makes mistakes.
THE LIE: God doesn’t love me.
God’s love for me is infinite and unconditional. I don’t have to perform to earn God’s love or favor.
God always has my best interests at heart.

THE LIE: God is just like my father.
God is exactly what He has revealed Himself to be in His Word.
God is infinitely more wise and loving than any earthly father could ever be.

THE LIE: God is not really enough.
God is enough. If I have Him, I have all I need.

THE LIE: God’s ways are too restrictive.
God’s ways are best.
God’s restrictions are always for my good.
Resisting or rebelling against God’s ways brings conflict and heartache.

THE LIE: God should fix my problems.
Life is hard.
God is more concerned about glorifying Himself and changing me than about solving my problems.
God has an eternal purpose He is fulfilling in the midst of my problems.
God wants to use my problems as part of His sanctifying process in my life.
No matter what problem I am facing, God’s grace is sufficient for me.

THE LIE: I’m not worth anything.
My value is not determined by what others think of me or what I think of myself. My value is determined by how God views me.
To God, my soul is worth more than the price of the whole world.
If I am a child of God, I am God’s cherished possession and treasure.

THE LIE: I need to learn to love myself.
By faith, I need to receive God’s love for me.
I already love myself. I need to deny myself and let God love others through me.

THE LIE: I can’t help the way I am.
If I am a child of God, I can choose to obey God.
I am responsible for my own choices.
I can be changed through the power of God’s Spirit.

THE LIE: I have my rights.
Claiming rights will put me in bondage.
Yielding rights will set me free.

THE LIE: Physical beauty matters more than inner beauty.
At best, physical beauty is temporal and fleeting.
The beauty that matters most to God is that of my inner spirit and character.

THE LIE: I should not have to live with unfulfilled longings.
I will always have unfulfilled longings this side of heaven.
The deepest longings of my heart cannot be filled by any created person or thing.
If I will accept them, unfulfilled longings will increase my longing for God and for heaven.

THE LIE: I can sin and get away with it.
The choices I make today will have consequences; I will reap what I sow.
Sin’s pleasures only last for a season.
Sin exacts a devastating toll. There are no exceptions.
If I play with fire, I will get burned. I will not escape the consequences of my sin.

THE LIE: My sin isn’t really that bad.
Every act of sin is an act of rebellion against God.
No sin is small.

THE LIE: God can’t forgive what I have done.
The blood of Jesus is sufficient to cover any and every sin I have committed.
There is no sin too great for God to forgive.
God’s grace is greater than the greatest sin anyone could ever commit.

THE LIE: I am not fully responsible for my actions and reactions.
God does not hold me accountable for the actions of others.
I am responsible for my own choices.

THE LIE: I cannot walk in consistent victory over sin.
If I am a child of God, I don’t have to sin.
I am not a slave to sin. Through Christ, I have been set free from sin.
By God’s grace and through the finished work of Christ on the cross, I can experience victory over sin.

THE LIE: I don’t have time to do everything I’m supposed to do.
There is time in every day to do everything that God wants me to do.

THE LIE: I can make it without consistent time in the Word and prayer.
It is impossible for me to be the woman God wants me to be apart from spending consistent time cultivating a relationship with Him in the Word and prayer.

THE LIE: A career outside the home is more valuable and fulfilling than being a wife and mother.
In the will of God, there is no higher, holier calling than to be a wife and mother.
God uniquely designed the woman to be a bearer and nurturer of life.
There is no greater measure of a woman’s worth or success than the extent to which she serves as the heart of her home.
God’s plan is that a woman’s primary attention and efforts should be devoted to ministering to the needs of her husband and children.

THE LIE: I have to have a husband to be happy.
Happiness is not found in (or out of) marriage.
There is no person who can meet my deepest needs. No one and nothing can make me truly happy, apart from God.
God has promised to provide everything I need. If He will receive more glory by my being married, then He will provide a husband for me.
Those who wait on the Lord always get His best. Those who insist on getting what they want often end up with heartache.

THE LIE: It is my responsibility to change my mate.
A godly life and prayer are a wife’s two greatest means of influencing her husband’s life.
It is far more effective for a woman to appeal to the Lord to change her husband than to try to exert pressure on him directly.

THE LIE: My husband is supposed to serve me.
If I expect to be served, I will often be disappointed. If I seek to serve others, without expecting anything in return, I will never be disappointed.
God made the woman to be a helper to the man.
We are never more like Jesus than when we are serving others.

THE LIE: If I submit to my husband, I’ll be miserable.
Submission places me under the covering and protection of God, who controls the “heart of the king.”
When I step out from under authority, I become vulnerable to the attacks of the Enemy.
My willingness to place myself under God-ordained authority is the greatest evidence of how big I believe God really is.
Reverent submission is a wife’s greatest means of influencing a husband who is not walking with God.
A wife’s response to her husband’s authority should determine the way the church is to submit to the authority of the Lord Jesus.

THE LIE: If my husband is passive, I’ve got to take the initiative, or nothing will get done.
God created the man to be an initiator and the woman to be a responder.
If a woman takes the reins rather than waiting on God to move her husband, her husband is likely to be less motivated to fulfill his God-given responsibility.

THE LIE: Sometimes divorce is a better option than staying in a bad marriage.
Marriage is a lifelong covenant that is intended to reflect the covenant-keeping heart of God. As He is faithful to His covenant, so we must be faithful to keep our marriage covenant.
There is no marriage God cannot heal. There is no person God cannot change.
God uses the rough edges of each partner in a marriage to conform the other to the image of Christ.
God’s grace is sufficient to enable you to be faithful to your mate and to love and forgive without limit.

THE LIE: It’s up to us to determine the size of our family.
God is the Creator and Giver of life.
Anything that hinders or discourages women from fulfilling their God-given calling to be bearers and nurturers of life furthers Satan’s schemes and aids in his efforts.
One of the purposes of marriage is to produce a “godly offspring.”
Childbearing is a basic, God-given role for women. Children are to be received as a blessing from God.

THE LIE: Children need to get exposed to the “real world” so that they can learn to function in it.

Our task is not to raise up children who can fit into this world or merely survive it but to bring up children who will be used by God to change our world.
Like young, tender plants, children need to be protected from worldly influences until they are spiritually mature enough to withstand them.
The fear of the Lord and a vital, personal relationship with God are the best means of preparing children to withstand secular culture and to make a difference in our world.

THE LIE: All children will go through a rebellious stage.
If parents expect their children to rebel, they increase the likelihood that they will do so.
God promises a blessing to parents who keep His covenant and who teach their children to do the same.
Parents cannot force their children to walk with God, but they can model godliness and cultivate a climate in the home that creates an appetite for God and is conducive to the spiritual nurture and growth of their children.

THE LIE: I know my child is a Christian because he prayed to receive Christ at an early age.
Those who do not have a heart for God or any hunger for things of God and who have a consistent pattern of rejecting the Word and ways of God have no basis for assurance of salvation.
Parents who assume their children know the Lord, regardless of their lifestyle, may give their children a false sense of security and may not be praying appropriately for their children.

THE LIE: We are not responsible for how our children turn out.
Parents have enormous influence in molding the lives of their children by their example, their teaching, and their leadership.
Each generation is responsible to pass on to the next the heritage of a heart that knows and walks with God.
Parents will give account to God for the spiritual condition of the lives He has entrusted to their care.
Each individual is responsible for his own walk and obedience. Regardless of what kind of parents he had, each person will give account to God for his own choices.

THE LIE: If I feel something, it must be true.
My feelings cannot always be trusted. They often have little to do with reality and can easily deceive me into believing things that are not true.
I must choose to reject any feelings that are not consistent with the Truth.

THE LIE: I can’t control my emotions.
I do not have to be controlled by my emotions.
I can choose to fix my mind on the Truth, to take every thought captive to the Truth, and to let God control my emotions.

THE LIE: I can’t help how I respond when my hormones are out of whack. (It’s understandable to act like a shrew at certain times.)
By God’s grace, I can choose to obey Him regardless of how I feel.
There is no excuse for ungodly attitudes, responses, or behavior.
My physical and emotional cycles and seasons are under the control of the One who made me, cares for me, and has made provision for each stage of my life.

THE LIE: The answer to depression must first be sought in medication and/or psychotherapy.
Physical and emotional symptoms of depression may be the fruit of issues in the spirit that need to be addressed.
If my depression did not originate as a physical problem, medication will not permanently relieve my depression.
I do not have a right to feel good. Regardless of how I feel, I can choose to give thanks, to obey God, and to reach out to others.
God has given us powerful resources His grace, His Spirit, His Word, His promises, the body of Christ to minister to our emotional needs.

THE LIE: If my circumstances were different, I would be different.
My circumstances do not make me what I am; they merely reveal what I am.
If I am not content with my present circumstances, I am not likely to be happy in any other set of circumstances.
I may not be able to control my circumstances, but my circumstances do not have to control me.
Every circumstance that touches my life has first been filtered through His fingers of love.

THE LIE: I shouldn’t have to suffer.
It is impossible to be holy apart from suffering. There is a redemptive fruit that cannot be produced in our lives apart from suffering.
We have been called to suffer.
True joy is not the absence of pain, but the presence of the Lord Jesus in the midst of the pain.
Suffering is a pathway to sanctification, a doorway into greater intimacy with God.

THE LIE: My circumstances will never change this will go on forever.
My suffering may last a long time, but it will not last forever.
My painful circumstances will not last one moment longer than God knows is necessary to achieve His eternal purposes in and through my life.
One day, all pain, suffering, and tears will be removed forever.

THE LIE: I just can’t take any more.
Whatever my circumstance, whatever my situation, His grace is sufficient for me.
God will never place more on me than He will give me grace to bear.

THE LIE: It’s all about me.
God is the beginning and ending and center of all things. All things were created by Him and for Him. It’s all about Him!
My life is dispensable. I was created for His pleasure and glory.

Seven Things--sort of

Ahhh, curbside recycling. It's great.
Today my husband is cleaning out the garage. He put THREE headboards and bed frames out to the curb. One headboard was from my youth, my daughter also used it. One is a log headboard and one is a bookcase headboard that daughter also used. We have no use for them anymore so maybe someone else can find them useful.
Husband also put the crib on Craigslist. We tried to find a home for it to no avail so maybe we can sell it. I am sad about the crib going but it is time now.
I also gave daughter two books and three couch pillows. The pillows I bought at Ikea. They were too big for what I needed them for and daughter can use them. My MIL made us some of the right size pillows.
And, I sent another book to a woman who can use it now! I have a space or two free on my bookshelf now!!
So, The seven things project is still sort of alive in my house.
I also have a bag of nursing pajama's and bras to give to family services. I might do that tomorrow with all my other errands!!
ETA--the headboards all went to a new home!! And I dropped off the nursing jammies and bras at family services in my little city.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Divine intervention

I recently celebrated my 13th wedding anniversary.
The reason this entry has the title it does is because that's how I feel about meeting my husband. I know it was all God's hand in our meeting.
We actually met in October of 1993. We had both signed up to take country dance lessons at a bar. I signed up with a single friend. The night of our first lesson, me and my friend received phone calls that we were cancelled out of that class since there were not enough men to even out the class.
So, we got first place on the list for the next class starting in October.
We started our class and my husband was there too. And he was a great dancer, knew how to lead, and was quick to learn the steps. There were couples in the class and they didn't have to change partners. The single people did have to change partners, and I chose to dance with my future husband as often as I could. Not all men can lead or dance well.
So as the classes went by, there was a small group of us that would go dancing after class. We all got to know each other. At this point my future husband asked my friend out! She declined.
Classes ended around New Years. My husband called me on New Years day and asked me if I wanted to start the next class together and I said yes.
We started the class and then started dating and about 3 months later he proposed to me and we were married 4 months after that!!
If our first class hadn't been cancelled, I never would have met him!!
Divine intervention indeed and everyday I am thankful for my husband.
The Lord is good and He knew what our futures held.

Saturday, September 08, 2007

More about baby blankets.....

I love to make baby blankets and send them to new mama's. For no other reason that it brings me joy.
I also make memorial blankets for mama's. Little blankets I send so they have a memorial blanket for their lost baby. It's sad and though I like to crochet, this is one of my least favorite projects to crochet. It's so sad when I hear of a mommy that has lost her baby. I just hope and pray that these little blankets bring some amount of comfort to the grieving mama.
Today I heard about one of those mama's. She is having another baby! I am going to send her a blanket I am working on right now for her baby due in October. This mama is bringing her memorial blanket to the hospital when she delivers her son so that her lost daughter can be remembered too. Though it is sad--it is a happy time too...

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Word Cloud # 2

I did another word cloud just for fun.

Granny squares again.....

These are four granny squares I made to give to two women on my crochet board.
My motive you ask??
The purple squares (12 inches) are for a woman who's niece was robbed. The pink squares (7 inches) are for a woman who has a friend that is experiencing infertility.
On my crochet board, people post for donated squares for "comfortghans". Then whoever can, makes the squares, sends them to the original poster and that person puts together an afghan with the donated squares. I enjoy crocheting these squares becasue I know it will bring someone else joy to receive an afghan and that there are other people--total strangers, thinking of them!!

Monday, August 27, 2007

Life is too short--you just never know........

A friend of mine is battling cancer. She has two children.
This weekend she lost her 18 year old son in an automobile accident.
My heart just aches for her. No mother should ever have to bury her child. I just cannot imagine the heartache and pain. My heart aches for her right now.
If you pray, say a prayer for my friend and her family. God knows the situation and every one involved. Thankyou.
I pray for her peace and comfort.

Update--this woman lost her battle and is resting with the Lord now.

Sunday, August 26, 2007

On having a Motive...

There are sometimes negative connotations to having a "motive".
Here is the definition of the word motive:
something (as a need or desire) that causes a person to act

That doesn't sound very negative to me! Does it sound negative to you?
Have you ever had a motive for something?

I have a desire to act on something and that's why I crochet and give away afghans.

I crochet afghans. Big ones, little ones, baby blankets, afghans for adults. I give them all away or donate them. I rarely keep an afghan for myself.
I have no motive for doing that other than it brings me great joy to give them away and it gives me pleasure to create these blankets.
So why do people think there is a motive behind something that is done for pleasure? Is it jealousy? Dislike? Hatred? Envy? What is it?

For example, the afghan above. I have been wanting to make this pattern for years and I finally did. I didn't care for the way it turned out but, it gave me pleasure to create it and my daughter did like it!! I was going to donate it to a worthy cause but she decided that she would like it. So it is now my daughters blanket!!
That's my idea of a motive!!

Sunday, August 19, 2007


We went to a wedding late yesterday afternoon. We don't go to too many weddings lately.
This was a young couple. The groom we have known for about 9 years or so.
It was fun to be with people that we have known so long and have seen grow up. And there were other guests at the wedding we haven't seen in years. It was fun to catch up with everyone. The children aren't children anymore but young adults. It was almost shocking to see the young people grown up.
It was a simple wedding and reception. The reception was supposed to be outside but it was raining so it was in the basement of the church.
I've heard it supposed to be a good thing when it rains on your wedding day!

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

August 15............

Today is my Grandma's birthday. She would have been 99 years old today.
She died in January of 2005. I really, really miss her.
We were very close all my life. I saw her often. It wasn't until she was about 89 or so that she started failing. Not in health, she was always very healthy, but in her mind.
She had dementia and alzheimers and it was sad to watch her decline.
She went to live with my sweet aunt in 1999 and I flew out to Maryland every 3 months to visit with her and my aunt. It was always bittersweet to visit with her because she didn't really remember who I was the last few years of her life. That didn't make her any less my grandma, it just made it sadder to visit with her.
She loved getting cards and I would send her two cards a week. I miss doing that now too.
I am thankful for all the time I had with her and I cherish all my memories of grandma.
I am thankful she was at my wedding and saw my two children. I am thankful for all that she taught me and all the love she gave me.
I miss her......................

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Another sweater!!

I finally got this crochet pattern made. I made THREE other sweaters of this pattern that didn't turn out before I figured out what was wrong. Dh helped me figure out what was wrong and I all I could do was shake my head.
It is a very easy pattern to make and I am happy to have finished this sweater.
It's supposed to be a size 4 but I really think it's closer to a 6. I didn't put any trim on the wrists, neck or bottom edge. But I will on any others I make.
The color is beautiful. It's called Russet. Brown with a hint of red in it.
I will keep this sweater since it is the "first" one I made, but any others I make will be given to the Guideposts Charity that sends sweaters to children that need them.
I will make one for my boy too.

Friday, August 10, 2007

Honeymoon Rental Cars.....

I was reading another blog and it mentioned the dreaded honeymoon car rental. The comments got me thinking about this.
Most of the people commenting had a terrible car/rental experience.
We were one of those people.
We flew to Boston and drove up to Maine in late September. It was gorgeous in Maine. A beautiful drive. Except for the car.
My husband had planned the whole trip and the rental. He rented a two door Hyundai Excel--turquiose. My husband is 6 feet 2 inches tall. It was ridiculous. I don't know why we didn't exchange it for something else. The stupid car had absolutely no power on any type of hill at all.
We still enjoyed our honeymoon and have never rented such a small car again.

Friday, August 03, 2007

Seven things week 52!!!

This is my last week! I can hardly believe I did the whole year. My total items out the door in the year is 505! Wow. And my home is less cluttered.
This weeks seven, really eight though.
*Black purse
*black shoes
*black vans
*black diaper bag
*pink tank top
*baby shower thankyous
And a fold up tricycle that dh put out to the curb was taken yesterday!!

Friday, July 27, 2007

Seven Things Week 51

From the kitchen again.
*Seven tupperware bowls with 3 lids.

These went to DD again. She has a nice collection of tupperware now!!

Thursday, July 26, 2007

A baby sweater!!!

I made this baby sweater!! It's the first "wearable" I have ever made!
It is crocheted.

Friday, July 20, 2007

Seven Things Week 50

This week is from the kitchen again.
* Seven tupperware bowls with lids.
That's it for this week.
But I have a confession to make. Although I have been doing this project for a year almost, I have been bringing new stuff into my house. My DH reminded me of this today.
I have been buying YARN!! And a LOT of it. But he also reminded me that I use the yarn too, so that gets rid of it.
Do crafts count in the Seven things project?? LOL

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Kilowatt update

So, it's been a while since I updated on my Kilowatt usage. This month marks a full year that I have been tracking my bill and usage. I've been surprised at some of the numbers.
Here is the full years worth of usage. From March til now are the new ones I haven't posted on. Notice April! I was surprised.
August---- 1481 kilowatts
April------902 (WOW)
Total usage for the year--14,542 Kilowatts
Average---1211.8 Which is high I think.
So I am going to try again this year to lower my usage. It's kind of hard when my husband isn't as on board as I am about conserving. But I'll give it a go again and see what I can come up with. The April number was the most shocking to me.

Friday, July 13, 2007

Seven Things week 49

This week is kitchen stuff again.
*green vase
*flower picture
*sandwich toaster
*klipies (to use with restaurant napkins for use as bibs)
*sippy cups
*hot mitt
*slow cooker.

Friday, July 06, 2007

Seven Things Week 48

This week is clothing and a sheet.
*one fitted sheet (plaid twin, it's on the bottom)
*one pair lounge pants (dark blue)
*4 button up shirts
*one pair blue leather flats.
Thanks to my ever growing feet the flats don't fit anymore.
The button up shirts my MIL bought for me in my early days of nursing my little boy.
The lounge pants don't fit anymore.
Only four more weeks left of this project! I can hardly believe I have been doing this almost a year! My closets and drawers look good. My kitchen cupboards aren't as crowded and my daughter has received a bunch of stuff out of this project!

Friday, June 29, 2007

Seven Things Week 47

Wow, only FIVE weeks left of the Seven things project!!
This week is from the kitchen mostly again.
* 20 pieces of silverware
* safety latches
* cupboard safety latches
* butterfly suncatcher
* hummingbird sun catcher
* sun sun catcher
* hummingbird window hanging
These are all going to charity.
Any ideas of what to do with my blog after the project is over?? I'm not a super writer either. I am open to ideas! :)

Friday, June 22, 2007

Seven Things Week 46

Kitchen again this week.
*dutch oven
*cake pan
*2 fry pans, one cast iron
*2 rubbermaid containers
These are all going to my daughter.
We also had another curbside recycling item, an oldish filing cabinet. YAY.

Friday, June 15, 2007

Seven Things Week 45

From my kitchen again.
*salt and pepper shakers
*microwave bacon cooker
*napkin holder ( it is clear, the pillbox is on top of it)
*parmeseancheese holder
*birthday candles with ballerina holders

Friday, June 08, 2007

One week ago today............

Last week at this time we put our 13 yr old Bordie collie to sleep. She started getting ill and seemed to go downhill very quickly. I picked her out from a newborn pup out on a sheep farm near us. She had plenty of room to run in our yard and she was a very good pet.
That's her in the pic--Maddie, and the little Jack Russell is Otis, one of my other baby's!! They were good freinds and I think Otis and the other 2 dogs miss her.

Seven Things Week 44

This week is linens and towels
*4 white fitted sheets
*3 kitchen towels

We also had 2 items for curbside recycling! This works so well for us since we are on a busy road. You might recall the childrens toys/swing that we curbsided and got rid of!
So, we put an office chair and a shelving unit out there and they were taken to a new home!
The last room in our house to be re-done was the "office" space that is really a pantry type area. We re-carpeted, painted and got new shelving and cabinets for storage.

Thursday, May 31, 2007

Seven Things Week 43

No picture this week.
I cleaned out a drawer and found new homes for my nursing bras. For some reason this week is difficult for me. Maybe it's the thought of not ever nursing a sweet, warm, cuddly newborn. Sadly, I am done having children.
Four of the bras were Bravado nursing bras and I found two women that can use them.
* Four Bravado nursing bras
* Eight miscellaneous other nursing bras.

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Memorial day

This memorial day marks the third year that I don't have my dear Aunt with me. This is the aunt mentioned in earlier posts.
I miss her very very much.
My cousin, my aunts daughter, asked an interesting question:
Why do we remember the date of our loved ones death?? Why is it important for us to remember this??

Memorial day is also a day to remember our soldiers that have served and serve today.
It is also a day to remember the soldiers for Christ--
*Mother Theresa--she loved everyone, she loved the unlovable. She touched the untouchables, that no one else would touch. She gave her life everyday to spread the love of Christ to others.
*David Livingstone- He was an explorer, the first European to see Victoria Falls in Africa. He was also a minister and opened Africa up to evangelism and Christ.
*Martin Luther King Jr.--not only was he a civil rights leader, but he too was a minister and evangelist spreading the love of Jesus. He was killed to prevent him from spreading the gospel.
*Thomas Aquinas--an Italian priest
*William Wilberforce--he lead a campaign in England to abolish the slave trade there
*James Hudson Taylor--a missionary to china
*C.S Lewis
*John Jay--one of our founding fathers
To name just a few.
Remember our soldiers from all wars, that fought for us to have the freedoms we have today.
And remember our loved ones that are gone.

Friday, May 25, 2007

Seven Things Week 42

From the kitchen again!
* wire corner shelf
* Orange strainer
* yellow strainer
* Rubbermaid with lid
* 2 pots
* 1 fry pan.
This all went to my duaghter again. And I still have TWO strainers! LOL

Friday, May 18, 2007

Seven Things Week 41

From the kitchen again this week!
* 3 tupperware containers with lids
* tupperware lettuce keeper with lid
* rubbermaid container with lid

These all are going to my daughter again. I had forgotten that tupperware is guarenteed for life. My old roommate from many many years ago was a Tupperware rep and I got a ton of it then. I still have a ton of it so DD is on the receiving end of my tupperware giveaway!!

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Compost dirt!!!!

We used the first dirt from the compost pile. We have 2 barrels that dh puts plants in every spring and he used some of it for replanting grass in the yard.
I need to get busy again with the compost pile and turn it now. DH added some wood shavings to the pile.
It smelled so DIRT like!!
YAY for me.
The tomato and herb garden are next to be planted. Unfortunately I will need to buy the plants since we didn't start any from seed.

Friday, May 11, 2007

Seven Things Week 40

Wow, only 12 weeks and I will have been doing th eseven things project for a YEAR!! It's been a good project for me to do. Some of the "stuff" is hard to let go but I am going to continue to do this even after the year is up. It's good to periodically go through the closets and drawers and thin things out!

The seven things for this week come from the kitchen again.
It's seven cook books that we have had for 13 years. We haven't used these books in that long and with the new kitchen, it's time for them to go.

*Seven cook books

Friday, May 04, 2007

Seven Things Week 39

I can't believe this pic is sideways--sorry.
It's from the kitchen again--the kitchen that is DONE finally!! And it looks so nice. DH still has to put on the cupboard doors but I certainly can live with that.
All of this weeks seven went to my duaghter again.
They were mostly duplicates or stuff we just don't use anymore.
* 4 blue plates
* bread pan
* grater
* strainer

Friday, April 27, 2007

Seven Things Week 38

My kitchen counter top is finally in!! So are some of my cupboards. My husband has promised they will all be up by monday!! So, I had way too many dishes, etc in my kitchen and this has been a great opportunity to find a new home for it all.
These 7 items are going to my daughter.
* six blue willow coffee cups
* one cat coffee cup, that was originally daughters. Now she gets it back!!
We also put our old sink out at the end of the driveway and it was gone within minutes. I am not surprised though--it was cast iron. Someone probably took it for scrap.

Friday, April 20, 2007

Seven Things Week 37

This week I have Five items leaving the house.
* Fisher price play and learning house which is pictured above
* Infant swing--the type you hang from a tree
* trike
* Bicycle seat
* Ironing board
The house and trike are going to a friend for her little guy. The bike seat and swing were put at the end of our driveway and someone took them both!
The ironing board is leaving because it's too big for my purposes anymore. I purchased a small table top one that should be sufficient for my use.

Friday, April 13, 2007

Seven Things Week 36

More miscellaneous items from around the house and kitchen.
* trivia book
* childrens placemats
* 2 gold hummingbirds
* red bag
* 2 jars babyfood
The gold hummingbirds were decorations that I am tired of now.
The baby food went to my husbands nieces baby.

Thursday, April 05, 2007

Seven Things Week 35

More from the kitchen. I finally bought glass cannisters!! I have an excess of dog bowls and thought now is a good time to get rid of some of them. The tags I ordered by accident so maybe someone else can use them. They are the wrong size.
Still waiting on the kitchen counters. Still have boxes around the house. I'm sure when the kitchen is done and I start putting things back, that I will be finding new homes for a lot of the stuff I don't want to put back into the new cupboards!!
It's almost like moving.
*Set of 3 cannisters with spoons
*3 stainless dog bowls
*box of string tags

Friday, March 30, 2007

Seven Things Week 34

More from the kitchen and there will be more from the kitchen to come!
Ooops, bad picture this week. On top of the white bread cutter and white ashtray is the bagel cutter, except I cut it out of the picture--sorry.
* 3 vases
* Suntea maker
* one ashtray (I think that's it for the ash trays!!)
* bread and bagel cutter
* 4 cups with lids and straws.

Monday, March 26, 2007

A Granny Square....

I am so pleased with myself!! After 30 years of crocheting I have finally made a Granny Square. Here is a pic of my first ever square.
My dear Aunt, who was my crochet buddy tried many, many times to teach me how to make a granny square and I just couldn't do it. It was a great source of frustration to me too.
Well, a couple of weeks ago, I took out my book, and with my little guy running around and the TV on, I made a granny square!! I was, and still am shocked. I have made about 12 of them now in purple. And they are being donated to make a blanket for Alzheimers.
I am also making a giant granny square and will donate that too.

April 20---Here is the pic of the Giant Granny square I made and donated. It was fun to make it. The top picture is the giant granny. The bottom square is my first ever granny square.

Friday, March 23, 2007

Seven Things Week 33

I know this weeks seven things seems really lame, but let me explain.
I have been married almost 13 yrs. I had been a smoker up until about a yr and a half ago. I have never smoked in this house but I did smoke in my house when I was not married.
All of these ashtrays have been sitting in my cupboard wasting space.
My husband is in the process of redoing the kitchen after a very long hiatus. My kitchen was only about half way done when I unexpectedly (and very welcomed) got pregnant with our boy.
So, in this whole process, I had to clean the cupboard so hubby can remove them and these are what I found.
I am glad to be rid of them and I know sadly they will find a new home. I hate to just throw them away knowing someone could use them. So I will donate them to the box that the vets will pick up.
*Seven ashtrays!!!

Friday, March 16, 2007

Seven Things Week 32

Miscellaneous stuff from around the house this week.
* 4 blackout curtains
* gray corduroy pants
* flannel lounge pants
* gray sweatshirt
* 2 red t shirts

Friday, March 09, 2007

Seven Things Week 31

Nothing too interesting this week
* One pair jeans that don't fit anymore
* Two trivia books
* four pair of socks
Into the box for the vets.

Saturday, March 03, 2007

Lunar Eclipse!!

I was able to get some pics of the eclipse tonight. They aren't great but they are better than nothing. The first one was in the beginning. The second pic was a few minutes later. I like it because you can see the whole moon.

Friday, March 02, 2007

Seven Things Week 30

Lots of shoes this week! Some of this stuff is from my husbands trunk that we cleaned out. Found some interesting stuff in there!
* Clothes steamer
* Men's black shoes
* Brown slippers
* Woman's black shoes
* Baby swim shoes
* White plant hangar
* 10 baby shower invitations
The men's black shoes, the clothes steamer and the plant hangar were all in the trunk. Odd assortment. The other stuff was in the office area just waiting to find a new home. The woman's black shoes were mine, still in great shape but it appears that my feet have grown since having my son!! Or while I was pg with him and I'm just facing up to the fact now!!

Friday, February 23, 2007

Seven Things Week 29

This weeks seven are extra's that I will never use and it's time to let them go.
* Paper organizer that was a gift--I have never used it
* Button ups--these are for scrapbooking--I think. I have never used them, they were given to me
* One Red, and 1 green Photo album. I bought these and have never used them
* baby stickers. I used these on some of my sons birth announcements
* 25 baby Thankyous--never used
* 10 baby announcements never used
Most of this stuff was stored on a shelf in my sons room. I had thoughts of using some of the items but haven't in almost 3 yrs so it's time to find a new home for them all.

Friday, February 16, 2007

Seven Things Week 28

This week is linens.
* Brown comforter
* 2 green contour bath rugs
* green toilet seat cover
* light green towel
* dark green towel with washcloth
The comforter is about 24 yrs old. My Daughters paternal grandmother made it for me. It is now daughters.
I also gave her the towels and rugs.

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Seven Things Week 27

Back to the linen closet with this weeks seven.
*1 blue towels
*pink towel
*blue towel with washcloth
*green towel with washcloth
These all are going to my daughter. Now I don't have such an overload of towels and I know my daughter will find them useful.

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Me and my fridge have been tagged!

Jenny at Green Mommy tagged me so here is a pic of my fridge.

Sunday, February 04, 2007

Kilwatt update

Got the electric bill and surprisingly it was down from last month.
This month it was 1018, compared to the 1080 of last month. I'm still working on trying to get it even lower, or at leat lowering it each month instead of seeing it go up again. It was an improvement at least.
I read somewhere that having an ariconditioner on in the summer really is not so good for your body. The body needs to sweat etc to function properly. With airconditioning, our bodies don't have to work at all. I would like to try to use the air much less this coming summer. Hoping my husband will agree. We have 2 window airconditioners for our house, and I don't like that sometimes they are running all the time.
What an odd subject to be talking about on this day. It's about -7 with a 30 degree windchill outside and I have been COLD for two days.

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Seven Things Week 26

This week is from the kitchen drawer again. I finally have room in that drawer now that I have gone through it. These are hand crocehted by me amny years ago. I am giving them to my daughter.
* 7 crocheted dishcloths
And with this post, it marks my half way point in this project!

Friday, January 26, 2007

Seven Things Week 25

Another dull week for the seven! From my kitchen again.
*9 dishcloths.
These went to my daughter. I'm glad she can use them.

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Running--yes RUNNING!!!

I have decided to take up running! My husband has long been a runner and we are going to run together. I am excited to do this.
Right now I am currently working out on an Elliptical machine. When the weather gets nice again here, I will start running.
Our goal is to run an 8K in November in our little town, I'm pretty sure we will be ready by then.
We even have a jogger/bike trailer to run with our son!!

Friday, January 19, 2007

Seven Things Week 24

This week is nothing special but now I have a little more room in my drawer. The top one was a gift and it is hand knitted. I don't know why I think I need so many kitchen towels because I rarely dry dishes.
*8 kitchen towels.

They will be going to my dear daughter.

Friday, January 12, 2007

Places I have visited

I got this idea from here

create your own visited country map
or check our Venice travel guide

It was fun to do although I haven't been to many places outside the US. Don't forget to notice the little red spot in the middle east, that would be Israel. We went there in 1999 and stayed in Jerusalem on the Mount of Olives. We had a marvelous time. It was beautiful and I want to go back!

Seven Things Week 23

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
This weeks 7 is from my husbands closet.
*9 various type shirts.
They either no longer fit or he doesn't like them. Some of them I bought for him. LOL
I think winter may be arriving this weekend! It's getting colder and I hope it snows soon. Lots of snow too. My son loves the snow and loves being outside too, in any weather.

Saturday, January 06, 2007

Kilowatt update

Got my electric bill today, I only owe 5.80. Yes, that's FIVE dollars and eighty cents.
Apparently we have a credit to our account from overcharges.
Anyway it was 1080 this month, up from 1006 last month. That might be because it's been so dark so early for so long it seems!
Still continuing to work on it.

Friday, January 05, 2007

Seven Things Week 22

Week 22 is a mix of things
* Blue casserole dish
* One set of queen sheets
* purple shirt
* 4 pink towels
* 1 black pair of lounge pants
* 1 blue pair of louge pants

That's it for this week.
Still waiting for winter here!!