Friday, November 28, 2014

The day after Thanksgiving.

I hope everyone enjoyed Thanksgiving.  We just had a small group this year, my husband smoked the turkey, and the whole meal was delicious.

Today, for the first time ever, I went shopping at odarkthirty to buy fleece and yarn at Jo-Ann's.  I have never ever gone out on black Friday before, but there was such a great deal on fleece and yarn, that I talked my husband into getting up at 5 am and heading out to the stores. We went to a smaller town to shop, so it was actually not that busy.  He dropped me off at the door at about 5:56 am and the doors opened at 6 am. I choose my fleece, had it cut, looked at yarn, paid and was done by 6:27 am. I had to wait for my husband and son to pick me up. They did so at 7:05 am.

I just love the fleece I chose this year, some are the same as last year. I also purchased two yards of each color, except the hot pink on the bottom, that is three and a half yards because I got a deal on the end of the bolt.  This fleece should last a while. The fleece I bought last year was only one yard of each color, and this year I bought even more colors!!  It will take me a while to use all this fleece.

I make varying sizes of blankets for babies, mostly smaller ones for the NICU babies, but I have found that the small blankets also make very nice lovies for big babies too!!

I'll post pictures of the fleece progress!

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

General update

So, I finally posted pictures of stuff.
School is going well for me, I dropped the philosophy class. The professor was a jerk, always late to class, and he swore all the time. I just didn't have the time to invest in a class I wasn't enjoying.  The Spanish class is going well, just three weeks left. The professor is great, and makes learning spanish fun.
I go in January to make a new pair of shoes, and I am excited about that. I am entertaining my family here for Christmas. Probably about 24 of us again.

My boy is doing well in his new school too. He likes it, his teacher, and his classmates. He continues in Scouts and is doing well with that.

My daughter moved to California in June. I miss her. She was here in August and October, and will be back at Christmas time for a visit. She still loves knitting!

My husband is working a lot and is having knee surgery tomorrow. I hope it helps the pain in his knee.

That's about it for now.


This is another picture of my Sadie. I really love this little dog. She is so sweet and she plays with Louie. She fits into our household perfectly! And she is cute.

My mom

This is my mom on her 86th birthday (July 1). I took her out to eat and she chose Perkins. We enjoyed our lunch.
Mom moved in August and she is very happy in her new place. It is such a change from her other apartment. It's bright and airy!
She fell in October and hurt her head, she needed two staples to close it and she hurt her neck. She doesn't know how or why she fell. She did go to the doctor and he didn't know either. I think she was exhausted, because she had been on a short trip and then right after that entertained in her home. I think she was just very tired and it all of a sudden hit her and she fainted.
She is doing well now, fully recovered, and I am thankful.


My husband did some cleaning this spring and we curbside recycled these items. It didn't take long for people to help themselves to the stuff! That makes me happy.

This stuff is just stuff I had laying around the house that needed a new home. I donated to the local family services, they have a store that has used items. And of course the books.

Blankets and shawls........

 I love this baby blanket and lovey. I made them both. I bought a bunch of fleece, cut it into smaller sizes and crocheted the edges. They are fun and quick to make.
 This is a brown rectangular shawl I made for charity. Made with Lion Brand Homespun. I love making shawls!!
This is the fleece I edged in crochet. I bought four yards of four different patterns and crocheted the edges. It works up quickly and is great for charity.


 These green and white shoes are the shoes I handmade myself this past summer. I signed up for a class with the woman that made the red shoes and burgundy shoes below.  I made these shoes by hand, all sewn by hand, the leather was cut by hand. Everything by hand. It was four days of hard work and my hands and fingers were so sore! I am actually going up in January to make another pair. Different style and different color. I am excited to go again. My nephew said they looked like bowling shoes. I don't care, I wanted a pair of green shoes, and this is what I chose. They are soooo comfortable.
 These are the red shoes made by hand to fit MY feet. I love the red shoes.
These are slip ons and I like them but they are a tiny bit big. Made by the same lady, but slip ons always fit a little big. They are beautiful.

Baby blankets

These are baby blankets that I have made this fall. I know two women that are having baby boys after having three baby girls!!  I have another friend having a baby in the Spring time but she is not finding out the gender! so I will have a blue and pink blanket available for her.

I've been crocheting in between studying for my Spanish class and this is what I have done this fall.

All of these are baby sized, about 36x48 or so, I never measure when I make them, I just crochet them. All but the yellow one are made with Lion Brand Homespun. The yellow is similar to Homespun but it's not and I forget what brand it is.