Friday, November 28, 2014

The day after Thanksgiving.

I hope everyone enjoyed Thanksgiving.  We just had a small group this year, my husband smoked the turkey, and the whole meal was delicious.

Today, for the first time ever, I went shopping at odarkthirty to buy fleece and yarn at Jo-Ann's.  I have never ever gone out on black Friday before, but there was such a great deal on fleece and yarn, that I talked my husband into getting up at 5 am and heading out to the stores. We went to a smaller town to shop, so it was actually not that busy.  He dropped me off at the door at about 5:56 am and the doors opened at 6 am. I choose my fleece, had it cut, looked at yarn, paid and was done by 6:27 am. I had to wait for my husband and son to pick me up. They did so at 7:05 am.

I just love the fleece I chose this year, some are the same as last year. I also purchased two yards of each color, except the hot pink on the bottom, that is three and a half yards because I got a deal on the end of the bolt.  This fleece should last a while. The fleece I bought last year was only one yard of each color, and this year I bought even more colors!!  It will take me a while to use all this fleece.

I make varying sizes of blankets for babies, mostly smaller ones for the NICU babies, but I have found that the small blankets also make very nice lovies for big babies too!!

I'll post pictures of the fleece progress!

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