Thursday, March 02, 2017

An update

I haven't posted for so long. I'm still so sad about my mom. It's been almost a year. Her belongings take up half of my garage. My daughter and I tried to sort through her stuff, but it was too hard, maybe this summer I'll be able to do it.

My husband had both his knees replaced in December. He had them done one week apart. He is back to work this week!! He's done very well with the recovery.

In between his surgeries, I broke my arm. It was just awful. We both felt helpless to help eachother. My daughter came out for a short visit and she brought my son back to her place for a visit over Christmas time.

My daughter had surgery in December too!! She is finally feeling better and is back in school. I recently went to visit her and had a wonderful time.

My son has changed schools. He is going to a public school. He went through months of testing and there are services he needs that his private school couldn't accommodate. He's adjusted well, he's been there about a month. He will be a teenager on March 4th! Hard to believe.

I couldn't crochet for 5 long weeks, but I've been able to pick it back up with only occasional pain. But my arm is not fully healed yet. It will come. I can finally use my hand for most things now. I have a lot of crochet to post, but I'll do that later!