Friday, May 13, 2016


My sweet mom died on April 24, 2016. I am so sad. Losing a dad is hard but losing a mom is a
million times harder.  

It's just the most awful thing I have ever been through. Going through her stuff feels like I am invading 

her privacy and snooping. It's a horrible feeling.
Mom had not been well for a while, and I brought her to the Dr. on a Wednesday for results of an echo

on her heart. The cardiologist sent her right to the hospital. The wonderful doctors got her fixed up in 

the hospital, but really, it was only a band aid.  She had congestive heart failure and kidney failure.  The doctor told me and one of my brothers that she likely would not make it til her birthday in July.  

She wasn't ready to die right then anyway. She was sent to rehab to gain strength and she died in rehab. 

I was fortunate enough to be with her when she drew her last breath, and all of my siblings and sister-

in laws and nieces and nephews were able to visit with her.

I am just so sad.......