Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Happy New Year!!

I hope your 2013 was good and your 2014 is even better.

I looked at my post from last year and I basically want the same things for the coming year:

*read more
*learn to book bind (still haven't done this, can't find a class yet)
*crochet more
*work on taming my tongue--it's that gossip thing (this one is HARD)
*read the bible in a year (want to do this with my boy)
*continue with my college ( I am continuing to take classes)
*post something positive each day (need to work on this)
*pray more (can we really ever pray enough?)

I will also add that I have learned to knit and will be taking a once a month class with my daughter to learn more about knitting. My daughter likes knitting like I like crochetting!!

This past year has been a good year. We are all healthy and happy and that is what counts most.

We had a new family member join us in October, my niece had a baby girl! She is adorable.

My daughter continues to do well.

My boy continues to do well but has some behavior challenges we are working on. He does well in school, which is nice and he continues to enjoy Boy Scouts. He is an excellent popcorn seller! He had a couple of teeth pulled to get ready for braces and will get his braces on in January.

My mom is doing well too. No new surgeries or illnesses for her. But I see her drastically slowing down.

Husband continues at his job. Nothing too exciting there. He purchased a new pick up truck in May, and we all like it.

The boy and I took our trip to Washington DC. I will probably go out to visit my cousin by myself. It's nice to have the break away!

I finally ordered a handmade shoes for myself. I am so excited to have shoes fit for my very own feet. I will post pictures when I receive them in April or May.

I finished my Linguistics class with a B. I got the grade I deserved. I didn't put 100% into the class and my grade reflects that effort. For the coming semester I will be taking Literature and Geography. I am looking forward to both classes!

That's about it for now, have a great 2014!!

Saturday, December 14, 2013

eight years

Today marks eight years since I quit smoking. I smoked for many years, and many times I tried to quit. This time I succeeded, cold turkey!! I'm glad I don't smoke anymore!