Friday, September 29, 2006

Seven Things week 8

My seven things this week is a bunch of different stuff. I was looking for a specific needlepoint to work on and found some other stuff to find a new home for! Yay!
So, the picture is of two of my needlepoints that I bought about 8 years ago and never worked on them. They are unopened.
*Two needlepoints, a Sun Signs and Moon Signs
* One Crewel picture, "Trading post" that I never worked on but thought I might like to try Crewel
* Six sippy cups of various types. Trying to find one that my son would like.
*Black Cardigan sweater
*Brand new Diaper bag. I bought it and thought I liked it but didn't really like it and never used it
*One crochet book--Making Scarves. I have a scarf pattern or two that I really like. Hopefully someone else will find this book useful
*One crochet booklet--Doilies--need I say more??
I know I say it almost every week, but this has been a wonderful project for me. I haven't had too many problems finding stuff and parting with it so far. As the months go by, I may find it more difficult to part with stuff--I'm hoping not though.
I have cleaned out a few places in the house that haven't been touched in years and that has been good too. Surprising sometimes what I have found.
Occassionally I've taken a trip down memory lane too, which is always fun!
So, thanks again Jenny, for steering me toward this project and helping me along the way. It's just been the perfect project for me right now in my life!!

Friday, September 22, 2006

Seven Things week 7

The seven for this week come from the kitchen.

*Cheeseboard/dome--in 12 years we have never used this, time for it to have a new home.
* Nacho plate--again never used.
* 2 plastic measuring cups
* 3 spatulas
* pastry sandwhich maker
* melon baller
* honey spoon--never used
* Stir Fry book--I used it once.
Daughter brought 3 pair of pants and 5 shirts over, but I am not counting those. She is happy to declutter too and I think she will be bringing more stuff over periodically, which is good, because she has clutter too.
I like that this stuff can be used by people who need it. That is my hope anyway.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Seven Things Week 6

I am excited about this project. It's been just the thing I need to get this extra/unused stuff out of my house. Thank you Jenny for pointing me in the direction of the Seven Things project!!
This week was easy. I'm posting early because my daughter was over tonight and that means I found a new home for a bunch of things!! I'm glad she can use this stuff. Some of it she asked specifically if I had, like the knives, cutting board and pitcher. "Of course", I told her, I have those items!!!
So here's my list for this week
*George Foreman Grill. Rarely used and daughter will use it. It even had all the parts!
*Pizza peel-never used
*2 sharp knives-extra around the house
*Pitcher for water--extra one around the house
*cutting board- extra one
*Remote for the tv we gave daughter, also gave her our entertainment center
*aluminum veggie tale water bottle
*wicker silverware/napkin holder--I really like it I just haven't used it in 3 years!
The last two items daughter didn't take. They will go in the box the Vets are collecting in October.

Friday, September 08, 2006

Seven Things week 5

My seven this week come from my dresser drawers that I cleaned out! Now my whole dresser is done. YAY.
*This organizer has been sitting on my bedroom shelves since I bought it because I just had to have it--yet I never once used it.
*Childrens Dyson vacuum. I am hoping there is another child that will enjoy this vacuum
*2 bras, 4 sports bras
*6 pair wool socks. My feet used to get so cold in the winter that I bought LOTS of wool socks. It's time to thin out the herd now.
*3 T shirt type pajamas
*3 pair of shorts
All in all my Seven Things project is coming along very well. It has motivated me to clean things that haven't been touched in years and to declutter!
A few updates.
I am still working on my compost pile.
I found a solution, thanks to a friend, Stephanie, for my recipe dilemma. I bought a huge 3 ring binder and protective covers and organized and sorted and put together my own recipe book! It was the perfect solution for me.
My kilowatt usage--I am so upset with this months bill! It was 1981 kWts!! Versus the 1481 the last billing month. I was absolutely shocked and dismayed when I opened the bill. I thought I had been making a serious effort to cut back and then this bill arrived. My husband says it's because of the air conditioner and that the electric company does an estimation and rarely eyeballs our meter.
So, I am curious to see what it will be next billing cycle!

Monday, September 04, 2006


Have you ever tried to declutter your recipes?? I'm trying to do that. I have them written on notebook paper, recipe cards, scraps of paper and pages ripped out of the recipe books you get at the grocery store check out aisles. (I've found some good recipes from those little recipe books)
So, I have all these stored in a decorative bowl, a shoe box and a recipe card holder.
I don't want to type them all up on the computer. I want to keep the original recipes because that helps me search for them!!! The old, food spattered recipes are easily recognizable!! Sad in a way. I might just keep my current system. The recipe books are actually on a small bookshelf, so they are doing good how they are!

On the decluttering my home front--I got the rest of my dresser drawers cleaned out. Interesting stuff found there!

Saturday, September 02, 2006

Seven Things week 4

I went to my closet for this week.
*SEVEN pair of shoes. Most of them are like new, hardly worn. They don't fit anymore.
*One set of Queen sheets. Light purple. Haven't used them in eons.
*3 tank tops, blue, magenta and purple
*Two jackets. A green raincoat and a blue Columbia windbreaker.
* TWELVE T-shirts all in great shape. Mostly hummingbird and Old Navy t shirts.
* 5 pair of shorts
* Boxed Bible trivia game--never opened. We bought it at Half Price Books and never played it.
I've been busy this week decluttering. I did 3 of my dresser drawers, part of my walk in closet, the top of my dresser, the top of the yarn cabinet my husband made me. ( it had lots of books on top of it)
I also cleaned out my "broom closet". It also holds my vacuum and miscellaneous other stuff. It's actually neat now and organized!
Hubby also made a pine bar that we use in the dining area for storage. I tackled the top of that this week also. One day I'll do the inside of it. But I am happy with the decluttering I have done so far!
I am really liking this "Seven Things" project. It's been just the thing I have needed to actually go through my house and find a new home for the things I am not using anymore!!

Friday, September 01, 2006

The compost pile and a wood chipper

The top picture is of the "new" compost pile. The one I have been working on.
The second picture is of the "old" compost pile, the one that was my husbands.
I still have some work to do on it but it takes a while. I am enjoying working with the dirt, and mixing it all up, etc.
We also figured out where we will be putting the garden! I am looking forward to that too. I plan on doing some tomatoes and herbs to start with.
We bought a wood chipper/shredder yesterday. It was the guys first ever listing on Craigslist. We got a good deal on it too. It will be great for all the branches we have now and the pruning hubby will be doing. It also shreds leaves and pine needles for the compost pile. It's not a good idea to put a lot of pine needles in the compost, unless they are shredded. So this will work out great!!