Sunday, June 08, 2014


There have been some changes around here lately. 

We withdrew our boy from his private school and enrolled him in another private school. Which means we are no longer attending the church we've been at for five years (but attended on and off for about 17 yrs).

It got to the point where we no longer had the confidence in the leadership of the school, or the church to be able to continue at either one. There were some trust issues as well with the leadership of the school and his teacher this year. Several parents and employees heard a teacher yelling at the children and reported it to the principal, who did nothing. In five years I had never heard a teacher yell at the children. There were inconsistencies in discipline and that also was brought to the principals attention and nothing was done.

I am trying to move past this, but it is difficult for me. I made some great friends at the school and I am concerned about the children. I know all schools go through a transition, and I hope that this school comes out better at the end of that transition, but I fear there is a lot of heartache to go before that is accomplished. And we can no longer be a part of it all. It's heartbreaking.  I know of about 10 children that are leaving this year. And a substitute parent that is not even coming back to sub!! I know there is a spiritual fight going on there, and I will continue to pray for the school and the people that work there and attend.

My daughter is moving again, this time to California. I hope she does well out there, and accomplishes what she has set out to do. It's been wonderful having her home these past few years. We are currently taking a year long, once a month knitting class, and I'll miss her for these last 7 lessons! She likes knitting a lot more than I do. I prefer crochet. I;ll miss having her close again. And my boy will miss her too!! Dad will miss her as well.

School for me was interesting this past semester. I only took one class-Geography and it was not what I expected at all. It was weird and interesting at the same time.

My mom is moving into a senior high rise in August. I think she will be much happier there. That's all I want for her, to be happy.

We have a few things planned for the summer. Not much but it should be fun. The boys are going to Scout camp for a weekend, and they will go up north to my brother in laws to go fishing for a weekend. We are also going up to Grand Marais for a few days. I will be making a pair of leather shoes, and my boys will be going fishing, canoing and exploring.

My boy took a tour and shadowed the class he will attend school with next year and was excited! EXCITED!! I haven't seen him excited about school for a very long time. We are excited for this new chapter in his and our lives.

I took my yearly visit out to my cousins house. It was refreshing and relaxing. We took a walk downtown and there was a tea shop there. I brought some lovely tea home and I've made some delicious sun tea with it.  We also visited a salt shop. I never knew there were so many different salts in the world!! We also visited a delicious candy shop and a yummy bakery! I had a very good time and as usual, I look forward to visiting them again!