Tuesday, November 18, 2014


 These green and white shoes are the shoes I handmade myself this past summer. I signed up for a class with the woman that made the red shoes and burgundy shoes below.  I made these shoes by hand, all sewn by hand, the leather was cut by hand. Everything by hand. It was four days of hard work and my hands and fingers were so sore! I am actually going up in January to make another pair. Different style and different color. I am excited to go again. My nephew said they looked like bowling shoes. I don't care, I wanted a pair of green shoes, and this is what I chose. They are soooo comfortable.
 These are the red shoes made by hand to fit MY feet. I love the red shoes.
These are slip ons and I like them but they are a tiny bit big. Made by the same lady, but slip ons always fit a little big. They are beautiful.

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