Thursday, August 19, 2010

Thankful Thursday

Today Laurie is hosting Thankful Thursday.

She is talking about the start of school and her daughter having Christian friends and teachers. How it makes a huge difference in her daughters life.

I understand what she is talking about. I am thankful that my boy can go to a private Christian school.

I am also thankful for my morning glories this year. They are gorgeous and I think my favorite flower. I have purple and beautiful pink ones this year.

I am thankful for swimming lessons this year. My little guy has come so far and I am glad he is learning to swim.

I am thankful for my christian friends, and my non christian friends. I pray for them often.

I am thankful for little boys who lose teeth!! My little guy is gappy with is lost teeth.

I am thankful for cool weather, it's been so hot and humid here recently.

I am thankful for my husband. He is such a hard worker.

I hope you all have a wonderful week. School will be starting soon and I am excited for my guy to start first grade!!

2 Peter 3:8
But, beloved, be not ignorant of this one thing, that one day is
with the Lord as a thousand years, and a thousand years as one

Proverbs 10:30
The righteous shall never be removed: but the wicked shall not
inhabit the earth.

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bp said...

I bet that's a cute smile!
Caleb's bottom two were coming in before the baby teeth fell out so the dentist pulled them and the new ones are scooting up where they are supposed to be. I think he has a loose one on top.