Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Speaking of school...................

There is a group on Facebook from my hometown. Just reminiscing about the town we grew up in.  It's fun and interesting and a great way to reconnect.

There was recently a thread talking about Kindergarten, and how some people didn't go to K, or went to a private K, or in someone's house, or church.

This wasn't too surprising to me but some people didn't even go to Kindergarten!!!  In my town, it was not required to attend K until 1970!!  I am one of the people that never attended Kindergarten.  But I remember learning to read in first grade with the Dick, Jane and Spot books.

A couple of my older siblings went to private K,  but my parents had to pay for them to attend.

It was an interesting memory for me about my very early school years.

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