Saturday, October 08, 2011

School and stuff

School is going well. I gave my first oral report in a million years. I was a bit nervous, but it went ok.  I also wrote a five page report. It took me forever to write the outline and all day to get to the final, turn in paper.  I think it will be ok. I will find out on Wednesday how I did.

Wednesday is also my mid term test. Lots to study for, but I will know the information by Wednesday.  I will be prepared.

My boy is selling popcorn for Boy Scouts again this year and doing very well at selling.  He will outdo what he did last year, and then some. He loves getting the "credit cards"  which are really just gift cards.

He is doing well in school again this year.  I am so thankful that he likes school and I hope he continues to like school!!  He thinks it's funny that we are going to school at the same time and that I have a backpack now too!!

I have some crocheted stuff that I have made over the last few months. I need to put the trim on a shawl, and there are piles of dishcloths to post about.  I am giving those to my Sisters-in-law for Christmas.  Then I am making a few blankets for another dRaffle.  A woman I know husbands passed away about two months ago from cancer. She and her little boy are alone now and I donated two baby afghans for the dRaffle.  I am almost done with one of them.  I find that I don't have as much time for crochet, since homework comes first. There is a lot of reading.

  We are getting new windows, and a bay window in our house, that should happen any day now. They are much needed and I hope to see improvements with the sound, and with our utility bills. When we got our new roof, we noticed a huge difference.

We also redid our one bathroom. Took off the border, repainted, got a new sink cabinet and counter top with sink.  It looks nice.  The only thing in the entire house we have left to re do is the master bathroom sink, cabinet and counter top. Otherwise we have redone everything in this entire house. Floors, carpets, walls, cabinets, roof, windows, patios, driveway and yard.

Hubby is doing well. Mostly working straight days with some weekends thrown in there. I sometimes miss him having a few days off during the week but we make it work.

We bought my mom an early Christmas present. We got her a flat screen TV for her den and a small flat screen tv for her kitchen since she likes a tv in her kitchen. I told her she would LOVE it and she does!!! I'm so glad we got them for her early, I just knew she would like watching tv on them with HD.

I tired my hand at canning this year and I think it went well. I did applesauce and some tomato sauce. Hubby helped and I am grateful for his help!

That's about all I have for now.

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bp said...

Enjoyed the update! Glad school is going well for you.