Monday, July 01, 2013


Today is my Mom's 85th Birthday.  I took my mom, my boy and my girl out to Red Lobster for lunch for Mom's birthday (hubby had to work). Red Lobster was her choice and we all enjoyed our lunch.

I tried to find Star Gazer Lilies for her, but didn't have any luck. So, I bought her some beautiful red Roses. She liked them, and one of my brothers and his wife found her a beautiful bouquet of Lilies!

Mom is continues to do well.  Her hip feels great a year later!  She is settled into her new home and likes it, she said it finally feels like home.  However, she needs a new shoulder. It's not a rotator cuff, but a shoulder replacement. A few years ago she feel in a mall parking lot and hurt her shoulder. Now, it needs to be fixed, and she's thinking of having it done soon.

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