Thursday, June 16, 2011

Leaving on a jet plane....

Sort of. But not until July.

We have a busy summer with some trips coming up.

The hubby has a business trip to St. Louis that he will be going on. We were invited along but I declined for the little guy and myself. Too much involved with all of us going away. Dogs to Kennel etc.

Then later in August the boy and hubby are going to Boy Scout camp. That should be fun for them. It happens just a couple days after I get home from my trip.

I've been going to see my cousin once a year. This is the same cousin that is my Aunts daughter. The Aunt I used to go see ever three months. Well, not just my aunt, but I really went to see my Grandma. But now I go see my cousin. We've always been close and we have fun. The little guy is old enough now to stay home with daddy without mommy, so I am going!! Hubby bought the ticket last night!

Then the little guy and hubby are going on a day fishing trip. Just a daddy and little boy thing, and I'm ok with that!!!

They will also go to hubby's brothers house for some fun. That's just a weekend thing and I will stay home with the dogs!!

So, in between our regular summer stuff, we have the trips. It's really not as busy of a summer as it sounds. My goal was to not be sitting around the house everyday and so far it's been good.

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ZZ's Garden said...

Sounds like you have a busy schedule ahead of you. Whatever you do, make sure to make it fun and enjoyable!