Wednesday, June 22, 2011


One of my Facebook friends posted this on her wall and I copied it to my wall and received some interesting responses.

Something I've pondered over a lot. I wonder what makes some people so supported in everything they do or happens to them? A virtual endless outpouring for some folks. Where as there are some who are no less needing or wanting and yet no matter how much they reach out they are virtually alone. This doesn't relate to anything in particular, just a thought I've had over the years.

I've seen this happen in real life and I've seen it happen on message boards.

Here is one reply:
"Some people don't connect as well to others. Introverts no matter how nice may never have the QUANTITY of supporters, but they may have QUALITY support of a few. Maybe what looks one way to an outsider isn't true at all."

It makes sense to me. But I wonder why the same people receive the outpouring over and over??

And again, perspective is everything. We never know fully what is going on in someone else's life. Sometimes it's hard to not rush to judgement.

It's an interesting topic.

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