Friday, June 21, 2013

Washington DC

Each year for the past 6 years or so, I have been flying out to Maryland to visit my cousin. She grew up in New Jersey and I was always very close to her and my aunt.  My aunt had moved to Maryland also, and my grandma had moved in with her. Before I had my little boy I would fly out there three times a year to visit with my grandma and aunt. Then my aunt died, and a year later my grandma died. Then I had my boy, and a few years ago I started visiting my cousin.

This year I went in May, after my school was out for the semester and before my boy was done with school. I usually go in August.  I have wanted to go see the Holocaust Museum in Washington DC, so my cousin, her partner, and I went. But we couldn't get in. All the daily tickets were given out by the time we got there, and the online tickets were sold out until late June.  But we did learn that vets could get in anytime by showing their DD214. BINGO!! Lisa (my cousin) and I are vets, but neither one of us carry our DD214 with us. No one that I know of carries it with them.  So instead, we went to the Spy Museum.  When we got there, we looked at the prices for entry and I said out loud, but quietly, that it was more than I wanted to pay to get in. My cousin and her partner agreed. At that moment the lady who lets you in line to get into the museum after you pay walked over to us and agreed that it was a lot to pay and to follow her. She let us in the museum for FREE!!  Later on toward the end of the museum we saw her and thanked her for letting us in because we really enjoyed the museum!

Along the walk to the Soy Museum, I saw buildings that I have not ever seen in DC and it was a fascinating walk.

We didn't do much else during my visit, but that is ok. I enjoy being there with them and we always have fun. I go to work with them three of the nights I am there. They own a cleaning company and clean office buildings in the evening.

I'll write about my second trip to DC in the next post.

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