Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Blog Anniversary

Today is the seventh anniversary of this blog. I never thought that seven years ago when I started this blog that I would continue with it for so long. But, I am glad I did, because it evolved into something other than what it started out as.

I mostly just post about my crochet stuff now, and once in a while throw in an update about school, mine and my little guys school.  And occasionally the odd blog entry about something I find interesting.

My blog has had some bumps along the way. At one point I thought about deleted some of the entries then I decided that I was not going to do that. This blog is what it is and I will keep it in it's original form.

The first post I made is here:  http://pj-countryroads.blogspot.com/2006/08/seven-things.html  

The second post I made was about my log house. And one shortly after that is one I posted about my dear Grandma.  I thought of her today because in two days is her birthday. She would have been 105 years old.  I think about her often. She was that special, special Grandma. She had a special nickname for me that only she used, and she addressed my birthday cards with that name.  Today I received a box of papers and pictures from my cousin, that were my Grandma's. I found her birth certificate in there, and I learned one new fact about my family history!!

So, another year has gone by, and my blog continues. I imagine I will be updating again in a similar fashion to this one in another year!

I hope you all have a good year, and thanks for reading my blog! :)

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