Sunday, October 13, 2013

School update and stuff

I am taking one class this semester, Linguistics. It's pretty interesting. And, I am taking it online. I am not sure if I like the online stuff. On the one hand, it's convenient for me to be able to do the classroom stuff at my leisure. And I don't have to drive anywhere, which is very nice. On the other hand, it's a lot of time on the computer and I'm not sure I like that. Plus, I don't really get to know my classmates or teacher. It's very non personal taking an online class.  But, I needed to try it for a variety of reasons. One being that my husband is working some long hours this fall. So, it's good I don't have to drive to school.

My boy and daughter are doing well. A few issues with the boy in school, but I am confident they will be worked out. Mostly some social issues. He does very well academically, for which I am thankful.

The daughter is doing well too. Likes her job etc. We went shopping the other day and she served as my personal shopper, which is great for me because she is honest about what clothing works well for me and what doesn't.  I had a list of what I needed/wanted and we got it all done within about 2 and a half hours, including lunch.

Mom is doing well too. Getting older and more fragile. I still talk to her every day and clean her house twice a month. She stays busy with her card clubs and friends. She goes to a movie and lunch once a month with a group of friends.

My niece recently had a baby girl! The first next generation. And the niece is the first of that generation! I saw the baby the other day. It was a treat to hold a newborn baby. And the baby is just beautiful.

That's about all for now. Not much new going on. Continuing with school and just living.  I'm still crocheting and have a bunch of stuff to post about. I will try to get to that soon.

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