Saturday, March 15, 2014

Crochet projects catch up post

 I've started knitting and this is the scarf I made with my daughters help. It's made with wool yarn. I sent it to a dear friend this past week and she told me she likes it!! That makes me happy.

This is a brown shawl I made for the church for the Prayer Shawl ministry. It's made with Homespun yarn and it's rectangular shaped.

 This is a green hat I made for my daughters boyfriend for Christmas. It's made with Red Heart yarn.
This is a purple Prayer Shawl I made for a friend. It's Homespun yarn in Purple and it's very pretty, one of my favorite colors. I hope she likes it, I sent it to her this week.
 This is a white memorial blanket I sent to a dear friend that had a miscarriage. It's made with Homespun yarn.
This is a yellow blanket I made for a teacher at my sons school. She didn't know the gender before I made it. It's yellow, made with Bernat Baby yarn. So soft.  She had a baby boy!

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