Saturday, March 15, 2014


We lost our Sophie just a month ago. We have since got a new dog. She's on the right and her name is Sadie. That's my faithful Louie on the left. He likes the new dog too.

A little over a week ago, I spotted Sadie on our local animal shelter site. I have been stalking the site for several weeks, looking for a dog, but not really thinking we would find a dog so quickly. I saw her picture, read her story, and told my husband to take a look at her profile. We visited the shelter that night and put a deposit down on her. The next day, Saturday, we brought our Louie to visit her. They got along, mostly ignoring each other.  My boy and I went back later that same morning and visited with her again, and paid for her.  We could not pick her up until at least Wednesday, since she was being spayed on Monday.

I just wanted to bring her home NOW. I could tell she was stressed and confused and I just wanted her home. But they said no. So she was spayed Monday afternoon. I called several times Tuesday and then picked her up Wednesday at noon, when the shelter opened.

She is a very sweet girl. The shelter told me she was four years old. I brought her to my vet and my vet said she was maybe TWO years old!!! That's ok though. She must have come from a loving home with other dogs and children. She is very well mannered, potty trained, knows how to sleep in a bed, loves to sit in laps, and is just generally a loving dog. I can tell she was well cared for. She is just a sweet dog.

She does not like taking medicine or kennels. I bought a small kennel for her but she would not use it. Thankfully she is well trained so we don't need it.

I never dreamed we would get a dog so quickly after Sophie. But our house was so quiet and then Sadie's profile showed up. Sometimes you just know!

I still miss my Sophie, and still look for her around the house. The ache is getting smaller each day, and I know we did the right thing. Sophie was a faithful companion for me and my family for almost ten years, and I am thankful for that.

I think Sadie will be a faithful companion for us all too.

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