Saturday, August 16, 2014

It's been a while

And I loathe bloggers that post and say they will post pictures later, but, I'm saying that again. I do have pictures to post, but something happened where I can't download from my camera anymore and it seems like such a hassle anymore. I have pictures of crochet stuff and pictures of the shoes I handmade.

It's been somewhat of a busy summer again. My mom moved at the end of July and I spend a couple of weeks getting her unpacked quickly so she would feel at home. She moved to a senior apartment and absolutely loves her new place. It has a great feel to it, and it flows well, and is bright and airy! She is extremely happy there and that makes me very happy.  Mom also turned 86 on July 1 and I have a birthday picture of her I will post. (hehehe)

We went up to Grand Marais this summer. The boys went fishing and I took a shoemaking class and made my very own custom fit/made shoes! It was really an incredible experience and I hope to go again next year.  The boys had fun fishing, and we would all like to go back to visit again. It is a very peaceful town. I love that we can walk anywhere in town too.

I registered for school. I will be taking Spanish and Philosophy. Both classes fill requirements for me to obtain a degree, and I signed up somewhat late, so this is what fits with my schedule.

My boy starts a new school in a couple weeks. I think he is excited and a little nervous and that is understandable.  We could use prayers for all of that.

The daughter is here visiting and it's been nice. She returns home on Wednesday. She is spending some time with Grandma and helping her finish unpacking. They work well together.

We are still trying to find a church home in our community. We like the church attached to the school, it's an Assembly of God affiliation and we are comfortable with that. Could use prayers for finding a church home as well.

For the second year I attended The Global Leadership Summit .  It was incredible and each year I attend, I learn so much, and I learn so much about myself as well. This year it is all about communication. Not just communication, but effective, leadership communication. And I learned about forgiveness. That is a huge one for me right now because I am carrying a lot of unforgiveness and it is a burden. But I am working on that and I know the release will come.

Finally got my yarn under control. We cleaned the extra bedroom/storage  in anticipation of the girl coming home and it took us 6 hours to get the room under control. We did it. I have a very clear picture of the yarn I have and I know exactly what I have to work with. In this process, we also gave SIX large garbage bags of clothing and jackets to our local family services. In addition, there were also a grocery sack of books and household goods, rugs, even a working vacuum cleaner. It is refreshing to donate items we are no longer using.

Looking forward to fall, and what the new school year has in store for us.

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