Saturday, July 05, 2014


I registered for two classes that start in August. I am taking Philosophy and Spanish 1.  It should be a fairly easy semester, and I am slowly getting classes done.

My boy is all registered for his new school. In August we will have an orientation for parents and children, which is a switch from the other school. It will be nice for my boy to meet his teacher again and bring all his supplies into school before the first day of school.  We also need to get new uniforms, this school is a little more picky about the uniforms and have very specific uniforms available at one store. We will go in August for that.

I am somewhat hesitant enrolling him in another Christian school.  I've discussed the Christian school issue with two people I know that have actually been school teachers at private Christian schools. Both indicated that they were somewhat surprised how every one is treated. I am not surprised anymore because I saw it, and lived it first hand this past school year. I have to admit the behavior was somewhat shocking to me this year. We'll see how it goes. It saddens me to think that "christians" treat each other this way.  I understand why people back away from a church.

Not a terribly busy summer for us. We will be going to a couple of concerts in the fall, and we are going "up north" for a few days. We are all excited about that.

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