Tuesday, March 23, 2010


I don't know why I was surprised by this, but I was. God always amazes me!

We support two African Orphans. The woman who runs the organization has been there several times and she knows the Pastor who runs the orphanage. His name is Pastor Moses.

My husband occasionally gets a bonus at work and we decided that bonus tithes would go toward the orphans. We tithe faithfully--over 10% so we are comfortable with our decision.

We sent our check off with a note because our little guy wanted to give some of his money, so we explained that to Kristy.

We received a note today from Kristy that just TWO days prior to receiving our check, that Pastor Moses had called and said the city was forcing the Orphanage to get electricity and he needed financial help with that. Then our check arrived!!
Looking back on our check register, we actually wrote the check out the day Pastor Moses called Kristy!!

That certainly can only be God at work with the timing and everything!! It is such a blessing to us--supporting the orphans and hearing a story like this!!

But can you imagine not having electricity?? I had to explain that one to the little guy!!

Praise GOD!!!! I shouldn't be so surprised because GOD is so faithful to answer prayers!!
I've just learned it's not always the answer we want!! But it is GODS answer.


bp said...

WOW!!! Praise God. thanks for sharing this encouraging story. That's so neat that your little guy got to be part of that answer to prayer. Good job on teaching him to share/give to others.

Charlotte said...

Bethany shared a link to this post. Terrific timing and this kind of report always increases faith. Thank you for sharing it.