Sunday, December 05, 2010

A month of thanksgiving

I wrote something each day (almost) for something I was thankful for in the month of November.

Here's my list:

A month of Thanksgiving
I am thankful for:
1. BOGO's at the Grocery store
2. Being able and willing to vote.
3. my husband
4. my children washer and dryer
6. bright sunny days!
7. being able to publicly meet for church carrying a bible
8. my dogs
9. blue jeans & tennis shoes
10. books to read
11. the Veterans and the families of vets
13. My faith
14.My daughter and son car
16. my bible study group
17. the little things in my life
18. a great dentist
20. friends, old &new, real life and internet
21. chicken
22. coca-cola
23.a full pantry house and yard
27. turkey leftovers
28. Sunshine
29. hubby bringing the little guy to school
30. Warm winter jacket, gloves and headband.

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