Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Budget movies....

Our theater has budget movies all summer for the kids. It costs 3 dollars per ticket and you get free popcorn!! It's quite a bit of popcorn too.

It's on Wednesdays and Thursdays all summer.

Today we saw Monsters vs Aliens. Cute movie.

The theater runs two screens and it's at 10:00 am--a perfect time.

The theater was FULL with little kids and surprisingly it was pretty quiet too.

There is a city nearby that shows FREE movies but I would use the gas to get there for the free movie so I am happy to pay the three dollars to see the movie in my own town.

Little guy enjoyed it too. It was nice for him because he could talk and not get shhhsss'd throughout the whole movie because there were other kids talking too.

We will definitely be going again!

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bp said...

I remember going in the summer to the kid movie days. It seems like I saw Benji one time!