Wednesday, July 01, 2009

July 1

Today is my Mom's 81st birthday. She is in good health. I am thankful for that. She is hard to buy for, I mean, what do you buy for an 81 yr old? we generally give her a gift card to a restaurant, since she goes out to eat often. I can't buy clothes for her either, I have never been able to do that. So it's gift cards, and we usually take her out to eat!

July is a busy birthday month for me. It is also my brothers birthday, a nephew, a brother in law, a cousin and my daughter and I share a birthday!

The little guy is doing well this summer. He loves swimming and he also loves playing t ball. I think next year he can play baseball! And he will also have more swim lessons next year as well. He is also excited to start kindergarten and is reading!!! He can also do some addition and subtraction in math.

The husband is working a lot.

I am not doing much. Needlepointing mostly and some small crochet projects.

The garden is doing very well! I'll get a picture up soon. Lots of tomatoes, a variety of peppers, cukes, herbs and carrots. Oh and lettuce too, that we have eaten.

It's been a somewhat cool June and beginning of July. Cloudy and cool.

Started a savings account at the bank for the little guy--he is excited about that too.

I have a high school reunion in July. Last one I went to my little guy was just 6 months old and daddy stayed home with him while I went to the reunion. This time my husband is coming with. It should be fun.

Still liking the Star Wars thing. What can I say?? LOL

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bp said...

Thanks for the great update! I look forward to the garden pictures. That's exciting to read your son is reading. Enjoy the summer!