Saturday, December 29, 2012


 This pretty blue shawl is the exact same color as my moms. I made it for a friend of my daughters mom. The mom has a tumor in her brain that is inoperable. I can't do much for her besides pray and make a prayer shawl for her. I made it in early December.
 This beautiful prayer shawl (it's folded here) is made with "Claret". It's so pretty. It's made with a new Homespun yarn called "thick and quick". It's a little thicker than the regular Homespun yarn I normally use. I like it well enough. I originally made this to give the church prayer shawl ministry, but I found another need for it. A friend of mines son died in October and I gave the mom this prayer shawl.
This prayer shawl I made for my sister in law. I asked her what color she liked and she told me yellow. I made this one in September.

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