Friday, December 11, 2009

Sparkly stars........

My little guy and I spent the day on Wednesday making these glitter stars. A very labor intensive project but it made the little guy very happy.

He plans on sending one to each of the three grandmas and he is giving one to sister. We are keeping the rest for our tree.

The story behind these stars is kind of fun.

While we were unpacking the Christmas ornaments, we came across big sisters ornaments that she had made when she was the little guys age, and some she made later.

The little guy wanted to make everything that big sister had made, but I made him choose TWO ornaments/decorations. He chose the glitter stars and another decoration that we have not made yet.

My daughter made her red glitter star when she was four years old--it is written on the back of the star. I am positive she made it at her sitters house--she was there for about 7 years and the sitter was just wonderful.

So, here are the stars. I hope you think they are as pretty as I do!!


bp said...

These are beautiful! I think it's so neat he wanted to make one like his sisters and he got to do it. Caleb would love these! What is the backing?

Pamela said...

I used a thin-ish piece of cardboard and then wrapped aluminum foil around it. I put white Elmer's glue on the foil then sprinkled the glitter on it. Let it dry, and dh sprayed it with lacquer to keep the glitter from falling off(you can use hairspray too). Don't forget to punch a hole (for hanging) through it before you do the glitter!!