Tuesday, May 05, 2009


Today I went to the dentist. It was a good appointment but I will need a new crown on a crown I have had since I was 13. It's OLD and needs to be replaced. And the hygienist was a little vigorous with the cleaning. My teeth hurt.

My hubby got the stuff for the garden expansion yesterday and will be working on that tomorrow. I am excited to plant a bigger variety of veggies this year!!

This afternoon we had the little guy's kindergarten interview. It's a private Christian school associated with our church. I can hardly believe he will be starting kindergarten. He is excited. Me, not so much. But it will all be good!!

Today was my dog Otis birthday. He would have been seven today. I still miss him.

Hubby also got a new bird bath. We have three of them in the yard and the biggest, main one had a huge crack in it. He got a smaller one but I think I might like it better than the old huge one.

I am so happy it is spring. I like the sunshine a lot and the smell of the freshly cut grass. Even the smell of spring rain is refreshing after the winter!!

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