Friday, May 08, 2009

Steaming compost, part ll

Eleven days ago I posted this.

Today my pile of enriched compost is STEAMING!!! I can hardly believe it but it is.

My husband told me today that he thought it felt warm and I went out there to check it out and sure enough it's warm and steaming and composting well!! I am so excited!

He is also going next week to get another truck load of compost/manure for the garden extension.

I have already purchased some seeds to start for the new part of the garden.

I am doing carrots again, and two different types of lettuce. I also got cucumbers and about three or four herbs.

There are already just four tomato plants in there now that hubby put in the other day. We are waiting to do more til we are sure it won't get so cold at night.

Mmmmm, the thought of fresh, warm, just picked, homegrown tomatoes is just mouth watering to me!!!

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