Thursday, October 22, 2009

Jacob Wetterling

Jacob and his family have been on my mind this week. There was an article in our paper on Sunday, and I hadn't realized the exact date of his abduction until today.

Jacob was abducted one night in October twenty years ago, in rural Minnesota and has not been located. He was 11 and his brother was 10, his best friend was 11 as well.

This is such a sad case, as is every missing child case.

As a mother, I just cannot imagine what Patty has been through all these years. I wonder if I would have been as strong as she and her husband have been?? I doubt it.

I can't imagine what Jacob's brother and friend that were with him have gone through either. It has to be some type of hell twenty years later.

Here is Jacob's WIKI page.

And also Patty, his moms wiki page. She has been an advocate for missing children.

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