Sunday, November 01, 2009


I can hardly believe it's November already. We had a cold and rainy, dark October. If it's cold, but there is sunshine, I am all for it!!

Thanksgiving is this month and I am hosting just my mom and my little family. I will be hosting Christmas this year for the whole family!

Yesterday I saw two flocks of wild Turkeys in the corn fields! I always love seeing the wildlife. We have had a lot of deer in our yard this fall already. The dark eyed Juncos have recently arrived from Canada to spend the winter in our much warmer climate. LOL. We get a whole bunch of them every winter and I tell my husband to throw some bird food on the snowy ground because they don't usually go to the feeders.

My mom got a new vehicle. She bought a 2006 Honda CRV and she loves it!! Her other car was older and she no longer felt safe driving it.

I can't wait for baseball next spring! We have a brand new OUTDOOR stadium!! I am so excited to go and bring the little guy to an outdoor stadium.

I am thinking of taking a trip to Maryland. Just me, for a long weekend to see my cousin. I haven't seen her for about two years now. I often think about my aunt. I used to fly to MD every three months to see my Grandma, who lived with my aunt, and to visit with my aunt. I had some really good times and I still really miss my aunt and grandma.

I still don't like yogurt. No matter what brand or type of yogurt I try, I just can't like it. I want to like it, but I just don't. Same thing with Candy corn. My kids and husband like it, and I buy it for them, but I don't ever eat it.

Husband has been working a LOT. We are continuing to pay down our debt, and we have bought some toys recently with some of his overtime earnings. We bought iTouches for all of us. And we all love them!! We didn't get iPhones because we don't get reception here with that company, so we just purchased the Touches!

We have a cousin moving to Ft Collins CO coming up, so there may or may not be a trip to CO. I think it would be a fun trip.

The boy is doing well in school. He is reading and writing well now. He is even memorizing some bible verses!! It's so fun to hear his little boy voice reciting scripture! I go once a week to serve lunch and that is always fun. He also started AWANA at church this fall and is doing well there, and having fun learning about the bible.

Daughter continues to do well at a new job, and is moving sometime this month--again. I hope she stays in this apartment for a while!!

Mom is doing well, as are my brothers and their families. I have another nephew in college. My nieces and nephews are growing up!!

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