Tuesday, April 13, 2010

April blankets

These six blankets are for the babies at the NICU.

The top two blankets are made with Patons Melody Thick and Cozy yarn. The color is pastel clouds. It is so pretty, thick and soft for baby blankets. These blankets are about 17X19 inches.

The two pink blankets are made with Bernat Softee Baby. the colors are Peony Prints and Soft Red. The peony is actually a variegated color but the red sort of blocks it out. I got both these colors on a huge discount. These two blankets are about 16X17 inches.

The two blueish blankets are made with TLC Baby Amore. I am not sure what the color is but I thought it was pretty. These two blankets measure about 21X27 inches.

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