Saturday, June 13, 2009

Farmers Market today

Today I woke up early and me and the little guy went to the Farmers Market in the big city.

First we picked up daughter and two of her friends.

I haven't been to this farmers market in many many years. We have a tiny tiny farmers marker two days a week in my little town.

The big city farmers market was gorgeous. It was beautiful. It was full of yummy smells and beautiful colors.

I smelled cilantro throughout the whole market. There were tons of flowers and plants too. Herbs and other miscellaneous stuff. We didn't look at all the miscellaneous stuff but I bought some yummy produce and fruit!! I thought the prices were pretty good too! Better than the supermarket prices.

I bought:
*three different lettuces (split with daughter)
*a huge bag of spinach
*tiny new red potatoes
*grapes (dirt cheap)
*green beans (dirt cheap for a ton of them)
*onions (split between all of us--dirt cheap)
*BISON roast!! ( I had told my husband that they have them there and he told me to get one!)
*strawberries (again they were dirt cheap for the amount we got)

I would like to go again but not with the little guy. I would like to look at everything they have there again. I have to admit that the little guy was wonderful though. He held my hand or daughters hand the whole time. And he got a balloon sword made for him!

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VivC said...

Bison is wonderful! I hope it's a big hit. Thanks to our CSA, I haven't hit the farmer's market yet this year. I think Saturday will be a wonderful day to do that!