Saturday, June 06, 2009

Lego Jackpot!!

Today we hit the Lego jackpot!!!

About a week or so ago, I told my dh that we need to get some legos for the little guy.

We ordered one thousand miscellaneous specialty pieces off Ebay for 49.99, free shipping and the seller added 100 extra pieces.

Then we went out and bought a basic set.

Then today, we all went to my mom's for cleaning day. I was telling my mom about our lego adventure and she told me that she has a container of legos up in her storage area in her garage. So, I go up there to look and lo and behold there are THREE containers of Legos!!! As seen in the picture here.

These are the same legos that my daughter and her cousins played with years and years ago at Grandma and Granpa's house and my mom was happy to pass them along to the little guy!!!

So we are all in lego heaven here.

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VivC said...

Oh, my! The things you guys will be able to build with so many legos!