Thursday, September 24, 2009

Fifteen years!!!!!!!!!!!

Fifteen years ago on this day at 2 in the afternoon I married my husband.

My daughter was part of the wedding too, and she came with us on the last part of our honeymoon!!

I wanted to be married in the fall and this is the day we chose that worked out for all our schedules and the pastors schedule.

It rained briefly in the morning and by the time of the wedding it was beautiful sunshine out.

We had a lovely reception afterwards and then went to a hotel.

We had a beautiful room--it was decorated in a Grecian Roman style.

The next morning we flew out to Boston and drove to Maine to a bed and breakfast. It was absolutely gorgeous. We drove around a lot and we also enjoyed fresh lobster and crabs. We went to LL Bean and Pemaquid lighthouse. The country side was stunning.

Then we spent three days in Boston with my husbands Brother and sister in law. This is when our daughter joined us and we had a blast. We went to the Boston aquarium, ad Faneuil Hall, and many other places. It was wonderful. My husband was familiar with Boston because he had been there several times before.

The wedding was perfect, just how we wanted it and it wasn't too big. Just about 75 people or so.

I wouldn't change a thing about the wedding or the last 15 years!!!


bp said...

Congratulations! I enjoyed reading about your special day.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations!!!! May you have MANY, MANY more anniversaries celebrations!