Monday, September 21, 2009

the germatorium.......

Otherwise known as school.

The little guy and I have been sick. I am not sure if it's something the husband brought home since he got it first or if the little guy brought it home from school.

Judging from the absentee list at school today, I think that the germatorium might be the culprit.

We have all had slightly different illnesses.

Husband had a snotty cold.

The little guy has a cold and stuffiness, sore throat and icky tummy.

And I have some type of flu--typical symptoms.

Now, here's the interesting part I learned today about different schools.

The little guy goes to a private school and there are about 11 kids in his class. Some of the other classes are smaller. There is one class of each grade.

We go to the public school for speech twice a week.

The whole school is kindergarten, and has been for about 9 years. I had no idea and am somewhat curious about it.

They have about 14 classes of kindergarteners. About 21-26 kids per class. It is a very busy and somewhat noisy school.

Apparently this works out very well and the teachers all like it. I thought it was interesting.

Can you imagine all the germs and illnesses running through the schools?? No wonder there is such a high number of kids out at any given time.

The little guy went to preschool for two years and caught the occasional cold. I wonder how different this year will be??

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bp said...

Hope all of you are well soon.

I have wondered the same thing and pray over Caleb to be healthy and not get germs. He has been so careful washing his hands lately so I think they are pushing that at school too.