Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Lumps, bumps and teeth........

Yeah, this is a dog post. I don't have any lumps or bumps and neither do any of my family.

Several weeks ago, my Louie was very ill. He just wasn't getting any better. I didn't feel the urgency to bring him to the vet like I did his brother Otis last may.

I actually didn't bring Lou to the vet, I made my husband bring him because I didn't want to go to the vet and come home with a dead dog like I did with my Otie.

Come to find out that the vet was actually concerned too and had some of the same thoughts I did about my Lou man. We talked today and I told the vet that I just couldn't bring Lou in after what happened to Otis. He understood perfectly.

The vet ran a bunch of blood work and gave Lou IV fluids and an antibiotic and steroid shots, but never knew what was ailing my Lou. Thankfully the dog recovered and is doing exceptionally well now--for which I am highly relieved. The thought of losing another dog right now is too much.

I know, I know, they are just animals. But you know what?? As pet owners we are obliged to take care of our animals the best we can, otherwise, we shouldn't be pet owners. It's an enormous pet peeve of mine--people that don't properly take care of their pets.

In January I noticed a bump on my female dogs back. I looked at it and it looked like a growth, about the size of a pea. I have kept an eye on it knowing we would be going to the vet in a few months. If it would have changed in any manner I would have brought her in to have it checked. It turns out that with a needle biopsy it is benign and will be removed when she has her teeth cleaned tomorrow.

Earlier this week I noticed that Lou had a bump the size of a marble. I didn't panic knowing we would be going to the vet this week. Turns out his is just a fatty tumor and we will keep an eye on it! YAY.

So, it's that time of year here where our dogs need their shots and heartworm etc. I brought them both in today for their checkups and lump and bump checks. They are healthy (yay) and in good shape. They are both about 7 years old and gray already!

They both need their teeth cleaned and will go in tomorrow for that. Sophie (I didn't name her! She came to us already named and she was 2 yrs old.) will have her growth removed.

Louie also needs more than a teeth cleaning. He has some extra growths on his gums that needs to be removed and the vet will do that while he is cleaning the teeth.

I am glad we have our dogs and both of them are healthy. It's also a good thing we have a vet budget!! Though we have gone way over it with Lou being ill.

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